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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Stitcher's Night Before Christmas

I found this on the blog An Eye For Threads @ Henley's Landing. I think its great and amusing. Enjoy!


'Twas the night before Christmas, 

when all through my stash,
  Every needle was threaded,  with plenty to spare;
The charts all in order with a great deal of care,
In hopes that a good stitch on soon would be there;
The fabrics were nestled all snug with their threads,
While visions of cross stitch danced in their heads;
And me in my 'womb, and pop with remote

To read the rest go HERE.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Giveaways & SBQ

Stitches by Carin is having a giveaway of a Country Cottage Needleworks chart. Go HERE to join in!

Nicola, a new blogger, from Stitching By A Cornish Seashore is holding a giveaway. Go HERE to join in!

Danielle, from Peace Love and Stitching is having a giveaway also. Go HERE to join in!

Nancy from The Victorian Motto Sampler Shop, is having two giveaways! The one that ends on Christmas Day is HERE. The second ends on January 1st is HERE.

December's Stitching Blogger Questions (SBQ) can be found on Lake Stitcher's Blog HERE. The question is:

Name your favorite designer(s). Have your tastes changed over time?

My answer: Teresa Wentzler and Joan Elliott are my favorite designers though I have many many more that I enjoy a lot such as Tam's Creations, Little House Needleworks, and so many more!

I have to say that yes my tastes have changed over time. A few years ago I would have said that I did not enjoy stitching samplers, well that has changed as I have found patterns of samplers that I just love such as Quakers and others. Basically I now choose patterns based on whether or not I like the design instead of just going by the designer's name/company name. I have a little bit of everything in my stash from HAEDs, to simply one color smalls, to samplers and more. If it makes me go "Ohhhh I love that!" everytime I see the design then eventually I purchase it. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank You and Ornie Challenge Thus Far

I started this stitching blog in October of 2007. I really enjoyed reading other stitchers' blogs and seeing their progress pics as well as their finished or framed pieces. I enjoyed the little glimpses into their real lives when they post about things such as vacations, holidays, or anything they feel comfortable publishing on the web. As a result of starting my own blogs, I have received a great deal of support and well wishes from other stitchers. Since I posted about stitching more often a couple weeks ago I have received many positive and supportive comments.

Thank you Missy, Brigitte, Christine, Donna, Pumpkin, Sam (my daughter), Kaye, Mouse, and RuthB for all of your supportive and celebratory (I hope that's a word) comments on my recent posts about returning to stitching. I really appreciate the support and acknowledgement more than I can say!

Also, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has ever commented on my blog. Those comments really do make me feel good and I appreciate them all.

I have completed the stitching on 4 Christmas ornaments so far. My sister-in-law Stephanie picked up some seasonal fabric (A fat quarter bundle usually for quilters) and stuffing so I can finish the ornaments so they can be used. I plan on doing a finishing day in a couple weeks, where I finish them all at once. I need to take a day or two to learn my new (to me) sewing machine. Anyway here are the pictures of the 4 ornaments I have completed stitching on so far:

Believe © Daffycat Designs
2 over 2 DMC on 18ct Zweigart Jobelen in Sand

Christmas Motif (not sure of designer) Freeby
28ct 2 over 2 in DMC on White Zweigart Jobelen

Stocking Reindeer © DaffyCat Designs
2 over 2 on 28ct Sand (Hand dyed Jobelen Zweigart) in DMC floss

Christmas Cat Tree © Brittercup Designs
28ct white Jobelen from Zweigart using DMC floss
I am working on Mistletoe Reindeer from DaffyCat Designs and am half-way through it. I should be able to finish it today.

Feathers in the Nest is having a fantastic Christmas giveaway! Go HERE and check it out!

Victorian Motto Sampler Shop is having a wonderful giveaway on hand dyed flosses, in gorgeous colors! You can enter HERE.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I did finish the Christmas Cat Tree by Brittercup Designs and I also did a small design from Daffycat called Believe. I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will get them up soon. Its not as good as I wanted to do for the ornie challenge, but its better than none at all so I am pleased with it. I have a few more weeks and I'm hoping I can knock out one or two more. I enjoyed it a great deal too! I actually stitched all day last Wednesday (I think it was) which is something I haven't done in a long long time. Of course my pelvis was really unhappy with me and I paid for it the next day, but I enjoyed it a lot! I just have to find a better position for stitching and remember to get up, stretch, and walk around after 30 minutes or so. I just get so into the stitching I forget to stretch, get up, and move around LOL Maybe I will set a timer and see if that helps.

I am hoping to get the Reindeer charts from Daffycat done for this year as well. Sam wants to stitch one of them as well.

In preparation for TUSAL 2012, I found a jar and am collecting my orts again so I'm in the habit for next year. When Sam and I stitched together the other day, she collected hers as well so I have some of her threads in the jar.

Sam has created a cross stitch chart for her boyfriend and completed the stitching the other day. It looks fabulous! Her back is perfect, her stitching is perfect and I am so proud of her. I can't share any pictures of it because its a surprise for her boyfriend (who reads my blog) and I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I am so so proud! She is so pleased with herself also, which is great to see. I can't wait to share it. She did it on a red fabric which is more difficult to stitch on, as we all know, so I'm even more proud of her.

I managed to cook most of Thanksgiving dinner which meant a great deal to me. I am so very happy that I managed to do it. I am also very grateful to my husband Ron, my daughter Sam, my sister-in-law Stephanie, and my neighbor Diane who all helped me with the preparation and cooking in one way or another. I even managed to sit in the living room and enjoy my company for most of the day. It was great!