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Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Secret Stitching

The secret stitching piece I mentioned in my last post is done. I couldn't mail it today though because the hoop mark didn't come out in the first wash. I had to soak the piece overnight and most of today to get it out. So tomorrow I will rinse it real well then press it and get it in the mail. Once I know it has been received I will put pictures of it up. While stitching this piece I silently prayed for the person who I stitched it for, as well as let memories of our conversations and jokes run through my mind. My hope is that every stitch will be infused with my good intentions, concern and well wishes for the recipient and that maybe she will be able to feel or somehow sense those emotions when she gets it.

I got another email requesting people volunteer to stitch a square for another secret quilt. I volunteered. So now I am trying to choose a pattern that will fit 4 X 4 inches and that the recipient will hopefully like. As I do not know this person as well as the other one, I will focus on well wishes and prayers for healing and hope for her as I stitch.

Since I was working on the secret stitch I haven't put any more stitches into the "Sentiment Sampler" piece. I hope to put some more stitches into it this weekend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Secret Stitching

Right now I am working on a small project for someone and it is a secret who it is for. Hence I can not put up pics of it or say how it is to be used. I am almost done and I do hope the recipient likes it!

Other than that little square I haven't stitched in a few days so no progress pics, sorry about that. Hopefully I will get some more stitching done later tonight or tomorrow. Right now I am real tired and sore from sitting at the doctor's office for a couple hours.

Thank you very much Dawn, Charlene, Cindy, Maureen, Cindy and Jo for your comments on the wedding sampler. I really appreciate them. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Blog

I have started a new blog. This one will focus on my medical conditions and my struggles to regain a life despite the pain and the deep depression I have been dealing with. If anyone cares to read it you can find it at

My hope is that the blog will help motivate me to get back to doing the things I used to and give me an outlet where I can release the pent up emotions that are running around inside me and maybe help someone else in a similar situation as mine to know they are not alone (which can be a great help) in the process.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally A Wedding Sampler for Myself and DH

December 4, 2009 will be my 9th anniversary with my DH. I started stitching this piece a year or so ago and it got set aside when my stitching mojo died on me. Well after finishing Crescent Dreams I decided that it was time to finish this one as well so I pulled it out.
The picture above shows what the piece will look like when it is finished. I found the pattern in the magazine "Cross Stitch Crazy" the May 2002 issue. The chart was created by Betty Spencer. It came with 5 possible sayings to use on it. The one that is in the above pic, plus 4 more.

Since DH and I wanted our names and date of wedding on the sampler I had to do some fiddling with it. I moved things up a few rows, and changed the band that goes directly above the first line of text. By doing this I was able to fit all the text in the space provided, so I didn't have to add to the borders to make it fit. I have also decided to add some beads to the piece. At the bottom, above the heart and scrolls, there is a band of diamond shaped blackwork. This is stitched using DMC 500, a nice dark green. I am adding a green seed bead to the center of each blackwork bit to add a bit of sparkle.

To keep it in balance, I will be adding gold beads to the hourglass shaped blackwork in the top row as well. On the final border, I will be putting green beads on top of the two dark green stitches that appear at even intervals throughout that border. Since its only 2 at a time, with space between, I don't think this will overwhelm the piece.

I am really enjoying stitching this piece. I love the lacy effect that the blackwork gives it, and I love the way the colors work together. Neither picture gives an accurate depiction of the colors in it. I will try to get a picture tomorrow, outside so I can use sunlight (if its not raining here LOL).

Today was a tough day for me. My lower back is hurting pretty badly and I ended up spending the day in bed. I have been up over about 34 hours now and I just can't sleep, so I figured I'd come post my wip.

Thank you all who read and comment on my blog. Your comments really do make me smile!