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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally A Wedding Sampler for Myself and DH

December 4, 2009 will be my 9th anniversary with my DH. I started stitching this piece a year or so ago and it got set aside when my stitching mojo died on me. Well after finishing Crescent Dreams I decided that it was time to finish this one as well so I pulled it out.
The picture above shows what the piece will look like when it is finished. I found the pattern in the magazine "Cross Stitch Crazy" the May 2002 issue. The chart was created by Betty Spencer. It came with 5 possible sayings to use on it. The one that is in the above pic, plus 4 more.

Since DH and I wanted our names and date of wedding on the sampler I had to do some fiddling with it. I moved things up a few rows, and changed the band that goes directly above the first line of text. By doing this I was able to fit all the text in the space provided, so I didn't have to add to the borders to make it fit. I have also decided to add some beads to the piece. At the bottom, above the heart and scrolls, there is a band of diamond shaped blackwork. This is stitched using DMC 500, a nice dark green. I am adding a green seed bead to the center of each blackwork bit to add a bit of sparkle.

To keep it in balance, I will be adding gold beads to the hourglass shaped blackwork in the top row as well. On the final border, I will be putting green beads on top of the two dark green stitches that appear at even intervals throughout that border. Since its only 2 at a time, with space between, I don't think this will overwhelm the piece.

I am really enjoying stitching this piece. I love the lacy effect that the blackwork gives it, and I love the way the colors work together. Neither picture gives an accurate depiction of the colors in it. I will try to get a picture tomorrow, outside so I can use sunlight (if its not raining here LOL).

Today was a tough day for me. My lower back is hurting pretty badly and I ended up spending the day in bed. I have been up over about 34 hours now and I just can't sleep, so I figured I'd come post my wip.

Thank you all who read and comment on my blog. Your comments really do make me smile!


  1. Your Wedding Sampler is beautiful, a lovely treasure.


  2. Nice job of making it personal! Pretty stitching. Hope your back is better soon. Chiropractor helps mine when it's out...

  3. That is a gorgeous piece Missy - can't wait to see it's progress. Although i've done wedding samplers for friends- never actually thought of doing one for ourselves lol!

  4. Hi, You did a beautiful job on your wedding sampler! Hope your back is better. I have back issues also, no fun at all!

  5. Its looking lovely, I'll look forward to seeing it grow. X


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