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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finally chose a Joan Elliott Piece

Well I finally decided what to stitch next. I kitted up and started Christmas Dreams on Silver Stardust Aida. It is a Santa in the shape of a crescent moon. I chose to do the blue version on the silver aida. The chart was designed specifically for the Stardust Aida from Charlescraft. I wanted to do one of the fairies, but due to Christmas money was a bit tight so I couldn't order all the metallics. Since I have all the flosses the Santa calls for, I chose to start that one instead.

© Joan Elliott and Charles Craft
Christmas Dreams: Silver

I may do the red one as well so they'll be a pair to hang up next Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stitch the night away!

My daughter did a cross stitch for her boyfriend for Christmas. It comes from the Oriental Oddessy by Joan Elliott. She chose the pattern that has the Chinese character for "Love" and stitched it. She absolutely hated the metallics! But she still a great job! Here is a picture of it when she was done stitching followed by one that shows how her boyfriend chose to have it professionally framed. I think the frame he chose was perfect for the design.

I was so proud of Sam for her gorgeous stitching and for perservering through using the metallics she hated so much. I was even prouder when she explained how they had it framed: stitched and suspended (no staples, tape or glue), using archival quality mat boards, and uv protective archival quality glass. Her and her boyfriend "T" really wanted to make sure this piece survived the years and I think it is wonderful!

I haven't been stitching since I finished that secret square. I just haven't felt much like stitching. Though I did finally get a fabric for the birth announcement for my friend Aramina. It's a beautiful pale yellow that should compliment the colors of the piece without overwhelming them. I will start stitching it soon. I also want to start Joan Elliot's Seasonal Fairies or another of her designs. I have a bunch of hers that I love and I am having a hard time choosing between them. LOL Oh well, I will eventually figure out which one to start.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I won a PIF on Lindsay's blog "Caring Stitcher" back in October of 2008. When I got home from Thanksgiving with family I had a small package in the mail. The package contained my pif gift! I am so happy with it!! She did a beautiful biscornu for me, added a pretty card and a skein of the scented DMC floss to try! This is my first biscornu and it is gorgeous! Her stitches are beautiful!

Thank you so much Lindsay! I love it!

PIF stands for "Pay It Forward" and it was started because of an old movie by the same name. How it works is you announce, on your blog, that you are going to do a PIF. You choose how many recipients you want (1, 2, 3, or more) and what the PIF items will be (it can be a stitched and finished item, or stitching stash etc. so long as it is stitching or craft related). You announce the date that your PIF recipients will be chosen and tell people to comment on your post if they wish to be included. Then you draw the names and those people will be your PIF recipients. At some point within the next 365 days you must send your winners the items you chose to do. They can then announce on their blogs that they are going to do a PIF and thus "Pay It Forward".

I will send a stitching related item (could be stash, could be a stitched and finished item) within the next 365 days (by Dec. 7, 2010) to two people. So if you would like a chance at being one of those two people please comment on this post. I will announce the winners on Dec. 31, 2009!