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Monday, December 7, 2009


I won a PIF on Lindsay's blog "Caring Stitcher" back in October of 2008. When I got home from Thanksgiving with family I had a small package in the mail. The package contained my pif gift! I am so happy with it!! She did a beautiful biscornu for me, added a pretty card and a skein of the scented DMC floss to try! This is my first biscornu and it is gorgeous! Her stitches are beautiful!

Thank you so much Lindsay! I love it!

PIF stands for "Pay It Forward" and it was started because of an old movie by the same name. How it works is you announce, on your blog, that you are going to do a PIF. You choose how many recipients you want (1, 2, 3, or more) and what the PIF items will be (it can be a stitched and finished item, or stitching stash etc. so long as it is stitching or craft related). You announce the date that your PIF recipients will be chosen and tell people to comment on your post if they wish to be included. Then you draw the names and those people will be your PIF recipients. At some point within the next 365 days you must send your winners the items you chose to do. They can then announce on their blogs that they are going to do a PIF and thus "Pay It Forward".

I will send a stitching related item (could be stash, could be a stitched and finished item) within the next 365 days (by Dec. 7, 2010) to two people. So if you would like a chance at being one of those two people please comment on this post. I will announce the winners on Dec. 31, 2009!


  1. I would love to join in, but my stitching days are over...I can't grip the needle much anymore and I already have some projects lined up for my adopted "mom" and her daughter who is about to have her first baby...want to do her a birth announcement..but this is a great idea and if I could write something for someone instead of crafting, I'd join in...

  2. I think you could write someone something Jo as writing is a craft/art as well. I'm not getting much response so I may just pick a few people that I know who have been there for me at random and PIF them as a surprise. LOL


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