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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Cat Is Exiled ...

I was sitting in my living room watching TV the other day and heard a cat playing around in my bedroom. I thought it was one cat chasing and playing with another. I was wrong!

I went into my room to find the craftstor tote I keep my in progress stitching in upside down on the floor and the ziploc bag that contains the quilt square I've been working on is also on the floor. The bag has been torn up and the piece of stitching has also been torn up. I was only 10 stitches or so from finishing it and the cat tore it apart! The aida is all torn up, threads pulled out and shredded and my cat was happily chewing on the edge! I swear I saw red! I had to walk away because I was so angry and I wanted to just kill the cat. Instead I threw him outside and there he will stay.

I've been busting my butt to re-stitch the square and am now halfway through it. I feel so angry at the cat and so upset with myself because now it is late. I'm hoping I can finish it today, wash it tonight, press it tomorrow and get it in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday.

Think a jury would convict me if I killed that nefarious feline?


  1. Oh No!!!!! as they say "That damn cat" I think if you got a female jury who also sewed you would probably get of with a warning, and that cat would be jailed for destroying property.

  2. Nah, no jury will convict you -- just make sure to get all "dog people." :)

    Good luck!


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