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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaBloMoPo and Second Secret Stitching Square

The month of November is NaBloMoPo Basically it requires that you post in your blog every day for the month of November. I wanted to give it a try as it should be interesting.

I finally managed to pick a pattern for the second secret stitching square I signed up to make. I had to ask for a bit more information about the person the square is for and found out that she likes blackwork embroidery. So I looked through all my blackwork patterns and found one that just made something inside me jump up and yell "Stitch that one!!". So I printed the pattern out and started stitching it. I chose two shades of DMC floss that are blue-green (she likes blue and green), 3850 and 3851. This piece is a mix of cross stitch and blackwork and shows the colors off beautifully. The blackwork section will be done in black, though I may try using the variegated thread that I have which has paler shades of blue-greens on it just to see how it looks. Since I do not know if the recipient reads my blog or not I can't post pictures. The thought just crossed my mind that I can post a small corner of the piece to show the colors and it won't give away the pattern thus spoiling the surprise. I'll try to do that tomorrow then. I'm really looking forward to stitching this piece. I enjoy stitching blackwork and I love the colors I chose.

As with the other square, I will be thinking good thoughts and praying for the recpient as I stitch. Historicaly women said prayers when they cross stitched and the pieces were used for churches. I've heard people say that when they receive an item that was stitched (knitted and crochet counts too) with the stitcher praying or thinking good thoughts and intentions for the recipient that the piece exuded feelings of warmth and comfort and love. I hope that the recipient of both of these squares as part of a final object will get those feelings from the piece.

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