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Friday, October 24, 2008

Contest Winners

I had 7 people total want to be entered 4 of whom posted comments and 3 of whom emailed me privately. So I put their names on 7 slips of paper and had Bridgette select 2 for me.

picking one!

10242008 first winner bridgette 1 year

and the winner is................

P101003310242008 donna selected bridgette 1yr


now for number two...

10242008 bridgette 1 yr select 2nd winner

And the winner is..........

bridgette 1 yr 10242008 selects fireflydreams

Firefly dreams!!

Ladies I will attempt to email you! Congratulations!!

(Sorry I drew late)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update on Contest

On my post "Breast Cancer Awareness" I put a link that you can click on to help provide mammograms to women in need, as well I included information on a contest. As of right now I have no comments on that entry so I'm going to let it run another week and will draw a name on the 17th instead.

I have had to put aside my rotation in order to stitch another cow chart for WOCS. I'm working on Geisha cow. I'll put a progress pic up of it tomorrow.

With all the people from Cross Stitch Forum we have enough sign ups of cows to not only replace the stolen squares, but to make a second quilt! Agi, Barb, Dawn, Es, Jilly, KellyAnn, Kim, Lisa, and Sammy_V I can not thank you all enough for stepping up and helping replace the stolen squares and to be so willing to stitch these cows that we have enough for a second quilt! I really appreciate every single one of you for what you are doing! HUGS to you all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Effects Of Copyright Infringement On Needlework Designers

A friend of mine sent me this link to Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams' blog where she talks about how badly her business has been affected by people copying her charts. She also discusses how many incidents of copyright violations she has seen. Here is the link so you can read it for yourself.

There is also a link on that blog to something written by a Business attorney that explains why the "fair use" clause of the copyright laws in the US do NOT apply to needlework charts. It explains what fair use actually is and what it is not. Copying a needlework chart does NOT fall under the fair use clause of the copyright laws.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Good In People

I am so very touched by the ladies and gentlemen of the Cross Stitch Forum board. I joined a couple weeks ago after coming across the forum by accident. The members of this board have just been wonderfully open to new members, supportive of each other, chatty, and just great! I have really loved this board since I joined it.

Well I had posted progress pictures to this board of the Silly Cow I finished on September 29, 2008. The members were very supportive of my attempt to pull myself out of depression and encouraged me a great deal to get the cow done. Upon completion I posted the picture and was asked to post a picture of the quilt when it was finished so they could see it. They loved the idea of a quilt made with a bunch of different silly cow stitched pieces. Because of the incident I posted earlier today on this blog, I posted to the forum to let them know that the quilt with my cows in it (the one I just finished was my second, I also did a Tutankamen cow) may take a while to get completed and linked to my blog entry that rants about why.

In response 3 people have signed on to stitch one of the cows to help replace the ones that were lost/stolen due to the earlier incident. One of the members has also offered to donate a bunch of stitched pieces that she has completed as they would work well on a quilt. Many others posted their support for the charity group and their thoughts/feelings about what that woman chose to do.

I am flabbergasted but this time with surprise and joy! I am so very touched by their desire to help repair the damage. I'm actually sitting here with tears rolling down my cheek. These are not sad tears though, they are tears of happiness and warmth.

Thank you Serinde, Genevieve, Mabel, Kute Kitty, Agi, Jilly, Lisa and BusyB for your wonderful support. Jilly thank you so much for the donation of stitches pieces you have completed. Thank you Jilly, Lisa, KellyAnn, Agi, and BusyB for signing up to stitch more cows to assist in replacing the missing squares. I can't tell you how grateful and happy I am that you have all shown such warmth, support, and willingness to help out! You are all very special ladies!

Another Wrinkle To Copyright: A Rant

I wrote a blog post about copyright infringement on September 30, 2008 as a follow up to one I had written regarding my experiences with reporting a site that engaged in blatant copyright infringement of needlework charts (on May 5, 2008). Coincidentally on one of the groups I participate in a woman posted (on Oct. 5, 2008) that she clearly violates copyright by copying charts for designs that she wants and will continue to do so no matter what. (She had asked for a copy of a chart someone had used to make a square, and was told no because it violates copyright. She sent private email to this person and was extremely rude and abusive.) She also insisted that it is not illegal for her to borrow hardcover (copyright protected) books from the library, and copy the charts out of them for her own stash, or to get copies of charts that she wants from other people instead of buying them for herself.

When the moderators explained how copyright laws affect needlework charts, they did so very politely. (These women are extremely polite, caring women) The responses they got were verbally abusive and full of profanity. She was placed on moderated status to prevent more of the rude emails from getting on to the list. Her reaction was to send more emails attacking the moderators. All of the explanations and such were done off-list so as not to disrupt the group.

Now, this woman's job for the group was to receive the stitched squares and make them in to quilts which were then to be given to a charity from the entire group, not just from herself. Prior to this she had recently received a package (her first) of squares to make into quilts.

They requested that she return the squares so they could be made into quilts by another quilter and given to someone in need from the group as a whole, as they were originally intended to be used. This woman replied that she would not return the squares, that she intended to keep them "as payment for my troubles" (that is a quote).

As if this was not bad enough, she then logged into the group's site and deleted people's entries in the databases (these databases are used for members to sign up to stitch for a specific theme) so all the sign-ups for the different themes were gone! These databases help the moderators who run the group to organize things, to know which quilts need more squares, which ones are full, and which squares are completed.

To add insult to injury, she then deleted the entire database that had been set up for an in-group exchange of stash (not copies, original charts)! The group site logged the delete actions as it logs any changes to databases, so the moderators knew who did it and at what times it was done.

After this the moderators banned her from the group. They then posted an apology to group members whose squares are in this woman's house because they would never know what the squares were used for or to whom they were given.

I am utterly flabbergasted! This is an adult woman and she behaved like a spiteful child saying "if I can't have it, no one will" and "don't do it my way..fine..I'll make a lot of trouble". This was nothing more than a child's tantrum. Infantile, spiteful, hateful behavior towards a CHARITY group! Somehow, for me, the fact that this was done to a charity group that has done so much good for so many people makes this so much worse.

How can anyone behave in this manner? How can someone deliberately choose to be so obtuse when things such as laws are politely explained to them? How can someone do their best to try and cripple a charity? or at the very least attempt to confuse the charity organizers and delay their work? How can someone do this?!?! The stitchers may have to re-stitch some squares, which is annoying, anger inducing, and frustrating. The moderators/organizers are left questioning their own choices and with a loss of trust that people who come afterward will be suspect to (meaning newcomers will be more heavily scrutinized before they are trusted). So the group members have been hurt as this woman intended them to be.

But, the ones that are truly hurt by such actions are the intended recipients of the quilts, as they will either be late or not received at all. The group will willingly replace missing squares if asked, and the women running this charity group have already re-organized everything, so the upset has been minimal. (which is good!) But how can someone who says they care about others (people who are ill, children who are ill etc.) spitefully keep squares that were meant to be given to others out of love and kindness call themselves charitable? This is NOT charity, this kind of behavior is atrocious! This group gives many quilts to children who are in hospice care, which means terminally ill children. These quilts give these children happiness. To keep these squares is to deny the intended recipient that happiness, and it is distinctly possible that one of the intended recipients may not live long enough to receive a replacement!

I would love to post this woman's name and email address publicly so others know not to trust her in any group, but I do not wish to be sued for "slander" or "defemation of character". But I do plan to pass this woman's name and email address along to the other groups I am involved in so they can be aware of how this woman behaved and thus decide whether or not someone that is so willing to hurt others is someone they wish to trust in any manner within their group (exchanges, charity, round robbins etc.). I do not usually agree with such blackballing of people because the stories are not able to be verified. However, as I am on this specific list I have seen for myself that these things were done and thus the information is valid.

Ohhhhhh I am so fucking mad! I could just slap this woman! All I can see in my mind is a sick child, passing away before their quilt arrives and thus unaware that there are people out there who are thinking of them and care about them. Even worse, a person (adult or child) being informed that their quilt will not arrive on time and then having to deal with the dissappointment and hurt that this causes. How can anyone, any sane decent human being, want to hurt others this way?!?!?!?!

OK I need to stop and go do something else or I'll just continue to rant and rant and rant...and this post is long enough already.

Edited to add: I just found out that the two cow pieces I stitched can not be made into a quilt right away as the rest of the cow's that made up the quilt are part of the squares this woman kept! Ohh that ticks me off!

Monday, October 6, 2008

When Pink Matters

I have joined a blog called "When Pink Matters". It is a blog dedicated to a woman who lost her battle with breast cancer over the summer. It challenges anyone to stitch something pink in remembrance of anyone they know who has been touched by breast cancer in any way. You have until October 2009 to stitch something.

I plan on stitching something in remembrance of my biological mother Aurie. She died of breast cancer at the age of 43. I only knew her for a little over a year before she died. She was a wonderful, strong, intelligent, funny, loving, wise, helpful, (and every other wonderful trait) woman. I am glad that I was able to give her the wish that mattered most to her before she died; having all her living children in the same room with her at the same time. I am honored to be her daughter and extremely grateful for the time I did have with her.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update on Blackwork Winter and Reminder of Breast Cancer Month Giveaway

I have done some more stitching on Blackwork Winter by Tam's Creations. Here is the latest WIP pic. I now know where the right hand edge will fall and am glad to say there is enough fabric. I also have the top edge situated as well, but I knew there would be enough fabric for that. The snowflake that is currently in the upper right hand corner, is the last motif at the top and the right of the project. I almost have the first "corner" page of the chart done! I am very pleased with this. Tomorrow continues a "small wip" so I will continue with Blackwork Winter. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday comes Stroke of Midnight provided my pain level allows me to concentrate on it.

I have started a competition that will end on Friday October 10, 2008. Please see this post for the specifics: Join in everyone!

I am happy to report that the change in my medication continues to work well! Today has been my lowest pain level in at least 2 months and it stayed low even after I carried and put away groceries! Two weeks ago doing that put me in a pain crisis. I was ecstatic to be able to do it today with only a minor increase in pain and my breakthrough medications took care of that! WOOT! I even managed to do some dishes! This means that I can once again start increasing my physical tasks and try to rebuild the strength I have lost in my muscles. But most of all it means I won't have to suffer like I was! YAY!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pic As Promised and Blackwork Winter

Here is a picture I took this morning of Blackwork Winter by Tam's Creations. I did some more stitching over night as my back was keeping me awake with pain. I added the border for the 3rd row in the upper right corner of chart, and started the final round of snowflakes and poinsettias. I am really enjoying working on this piece!

2008 Oct 2 blackwork winter

Today's stitching project is supposed to be Woodland Fairy by Teresa Wentzler, but it is a rainy day here and my back is just screaming. So I think I will stick with Blackwork Winter as it better fits my available concentration level.

Don't forget to check out my last post Breast Cancer Awareness for the contest!

Henny asked me a question in my comments so I'm going to go ahead and answer it. She asked why blackwork is called blackwork when it is often done in colors other than black. It is believed to originate with the Moors and Arabs, who brought it to England in the 13th century. It is also believed that the Spanish princess Katharine of Aragon brought blackwork to England with her in 1501. It was also called Spanish Work, but the term blackwork replaced it somewhere after Katharineand Henry the VIIIth's divorce. It was most often done with black silk, on white fabric so it would give the appearance of lace since actual lace was too expensive. It was also used to reinforce collars, cuffs and hems of clothing as well as to mark household items such as sheets, tablecloths, etc. As time went on people started using different colors, such as metallics on dresses, cloaks and other clothing. I hope that helps Henny. I just love the way blackwork looks. A design looks real complicated, but it truly wasn't. I just like the crisp lines of it as well and the geometric shapes.

Have a good day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a major concern for me as my family history is riddled with it. Every female in my family (both on mother's and father's sides) have died of breast cancer. My biological mother died at 44 and her mother (my maternal grandmother) died at 31. None of the women lived past 45. So I have a mammogram and an ultrasound every year and have been recommended for a prophylactic radical mastectomy (both breasts) that I have not consented to have done yet.

Please visit this site and click on the pink button that says "Click here to give- its free!". This helps to provide women with free mammograms! You can click daily. The sponsors give money based on the numbers of clicks, so please take a moment to click to help someone today! In case the link doesn't work here it is typed out to copy/paste into your browser:

Now to provide even more incentive to go click (hehe evil aren't I?) I will do a drawing at the end of a week. All you have to do is click at the breast cancer site then post a comment to this blog entry to let me know you have clicked. (Please do not cheat, this is too important!). On Friday Oct. 10th, I will draw a name and send the winner a package that includes some stitchy goodness or a chart of their choice! So what are you waiting for? Get clicking!

Now for health and stitching updates! I saw my doctor today and she adjusted my medication. I did not realize I had been on the same dose for just over 5 years! She was real surprised as many people need their doses adjusted much sooner than 5 years. By the time I got home I was in a great deal of pain, so I took my afternoon medication from the new dosage. I did not take breakthrough medication as I wanted to see if the new dose would be more effective than the old one. I am quite happy to report that it was! I went from an 8 to a 5 within an hour! I think this new dose is going to help me manage my pain more effectively and that causes so many feelings that I just can't express them correctly.

I did stitch while I sat in the doctor's office for 3 hours. I worked on Blackwork Winter by Tam's Creations again. (per my rotation it is a smaller project day) I got 1 mitten, snowball and hat in then moved to the 4th "round" (the pattern is pieced together by corners, so it is half of each side at a time) where I put in an ice skate and skis. I would have gotten more but I had to keep getting up and walking around. The chairs in that office just kill my back! I will post an update pic tomorrow.

Pics As Promised

This is Teresa Wentzler's Stroke Of Midnight before I stitched on it yesterday:

som 10-1-08 before2

This is after I stitched. To see any difference you'll have to look closely. I filled in the 1 over 1 edges of her hair around the face, and filled in some of the balcony behind her.

som 10-01-08 after 2

Now for Winter Blackwork by Tam's Creations. Before:

blwinter 10-1-08 before2

I didn't get much done because my meds made me real sleepy so I put it aside and went to bed. But I did get a mitten, snowball, and partial mitten done. I'll do more today while waiting at the doctor's office.

blackwork winter 10-1-08 after

I hope everyone has a good day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So far so good on rotation, stitching and yanking out of depression!

Well October is the month long stitchathon on Cross Stitch Crazy, so I am thinking the rotation schedule I posted yesterday should help me stitch a bit every day and thus participate in the stitchathon more than I did in September.

My September stitchathon total was 500 minutes so here are my totals so far:

  • January: 1,531
  • February: 1,941
  • March: 3,580
  • April: 1,640
  • May: 0 (depression sucks)
  • June: 0 (I mean it really really sucks!!)
  • July: 1,590
  • August: 0 (*sigh* Stupid depression)
  • September: 500 (YAY! started pulling myself out of it, good thing I am stubborn huh?)

  • total: 10,782 minutes

I think I will hit the goal I set for the stitchathon challenge of 12,000 to 14,000 minutes. Hell I might hit it before the end of October! WOOT! I'm well on my way and since this is a month long stitchathon so I should be able to rack up some time, specially since I have integrated rotation and so far I have stuck to it. (Though I did not stitch last night, was too damn tired) I am really excited and so very very pleased with myself for actually sticking to my plan and stitching for 3 hours today!! I will probably get more done tonight but I wanted to be sure to blog. I don't want to have so much time go by between posts and would like to start being more regular with my entries (yeah right, I am so lazy and tend to forget things so don't hold me to this!).

Today I stitched for 240 minutes (so far)! I made a little bit of progress on "Stroke of Midnight" from Teresa Wentzler. Due to a high level of pain, I couldn't concentrate very well so I only worked a little bit on it. I got a bit more of the rails behind the girl, and a bit more of the over 1 on the girl (the hair around her face). Then I switched to " Blackwork Winter Sampler" by Tam's Creations as it doesn't require as much thinking or concentration as a TW over 1. But I did find an error in the chart. In the second "round" there are mittens, hats and snowballs. On the right hand side (chart for upper right corner) the snowballs between the mittens share their top stitch with the outline for the "round". They are supposed to be one row below the outline stitching. Luckily I caught this as soon as I put the first snowball in, so I only had to frog a few stitches instead of a whole bunch.

Edited to add: I am an idiot! There is no error. I saw the line that marks the 10 squares of the chart as a backstitch line. My printer printed it dark so I confused the two. I am sorry Tam that I posted this so late last night before I realized my error! (Yes I am an idiot! LOL)

I am really liking the way both "Winter Blackwork" and "Stroke Of Midnight" are shaping up! I have found that I enjoy (and need) more than one project going at the same time. This allows me to switch between them based on how well I can concentrate at the time I stitch, how much time I have to stitch, and whatever mood I might be in. My rotation is a nice guideline for getting stuff done, but I consider it very flexible. If something comes up that is not in my rotation, I will simply add it somewhere and go from there. LOL

I am really pleased with my progress and I hope to keep it up. I really like the way it is turning out with 2 strands over 2 threads. Changing the colors, as I mentioned in an earlier post, did not work very well so I frogged it and decided to do it all in the dark purple the chart calls for. I am really liking it that way too! I will be taking this piece to the doctor's office with me tomorrow as it is easy to carry (just 1 color LOL) and I am sure to have at least 1 to 2 hours waiting to actually the see the doctor so I can stitch during that time. I think I am off to a great start on this month long stitchathon!

It is so nice to have that depressed "I don't want to do anything" mood replaced with being excited about stitching and NEEDING to stitch! Gosh it feels sooo good!

I have taken pics (before I stitched today, and after I finished stitching) but it is late and I am really hurting so I will post them tomorrow.

I borrowed my DH's glasses, they are bifocal and I have found that the bifocal part makes it so much easier for me to see the over 1 stitching. So I am going to find me a good pair of reading glasses to help me with the higher count fabrics since I can't use a stand so a lighted magnifying glass won't work for me.

Well that is pretty much it for me today! I hope everyone has a wonderful night filled with joyful stitching!