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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update on Blackwork Winter and Reminder of Breast Cancer Month Giveaway

I have done some more stitching on Blackwork Winter by Tam's Creations. Here is the latest WIP pic. I now know where the right hand edge will fall and am glad to say there is enough fabric. I also have the top edge situated as well, but I knew there would be enough fabric for that. The snowflake that is currently in the upper right hand corner, is the last motif at the top and the right of the project. I almost have the first "corner" page of the chart done! I am very pleased with this. Tomorrow continues a "small wip" so I will continue with Blackwork Winter. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday comes Stroke of Midnight provided my pain level allows me to concentrate on it.

I have started a competition that will end on Friday October 10, 2008. Please see this post for the specifics: Join in everyone!

I am happy to report that the change in my medication continues to work well! Today has been my lowest pain level in at least 2 months and it stayed low even after I carried and put away groceries! Two weeks ago doing that put me in a pain crisis. I was ecstatic to be able to do it today with only a minor increase in pain and my breakthrough medications took care of that! WOOT! I even managed to do some dishes! This means that I can once again start increasing my physical tasks and try to rebuild the strength I have lost in my muscles. But most of all it means I won't have to suffer like I was! YAY!!!


  1. Hi Missy, How are you today ?
    thanks for calling at my blog.
    I thought I've asked this befoere but can't remember,
    why is it called blackwork if you use colours too ?

  2. Lovely blackwork Missy.


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