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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update on Contest

On my post "Breast Cancer Awareness" I put a link that you can click on to help provide mammograms to women in need, as well I included information on a contest. As of right now I have no comments on that entry so I'm going to let it run another week and will draw a name on the 17th instead.

I have had to put aside my rotation in order to stitch another cow chart for WOCS. I'm working on Geisha cow. I'll put a progress pic up of it tomorrow.

With all the people from Cross Stitch Forum we have enough sign ups of cows to not only replace the stolen squares, but to make a second quilt! Agi, Barb, Dawn, Es, Jilly, KellyAnn, Kim, Lisa, and Sammy_V I can not thank you all enough for stepping up and helping replace the stolen squares and to be so willing to stitch these cows that we have enough for a second quilt! I really appreciate every single one of you for what you are doing! HUGS to you all!


  1. I have clicked several times. I love the ribbon meter to see the progress. Being in the UK I forget how lucky we are to have the chance to get a mammogram free of charge when we need one or reach a certain age. Not everyone is so lucky! I will click it each day now I have bookmarked it!

  2. I clicked on it! And I've bookmarked the site.

    I'm interested to read about your silly cow quilt - are you talking about the freebies from that French site? If so I made a quilt just like that - a bunch of online friends contributed the stitched cows and I put them all together. I'm not really a quilter but I think it turned out ok. I'm looking forward to seeing yours. I would offer to stitch one for you but it sounds like you already have enough. =)


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