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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Good In People

I am so very touched by the ladies and gentlemen of the Cross Stitch Forum board. I joined a couple weeks ago after coming across the forum by accident. The members of this board have just been wonderfully open to new members, supportive of each other, chatty, and just great! I have really loved this board since I joined it.

Well I had posted progress pictures to this board of the Silly Cow I finished on September 29, 2008. The members were very supportive of my attempt to pull myself out of depression and encouraged me a great deal to get the cow done. Upon completion I posted the picture and was asked to post a picture of the quilt when it was finished so they could see it. They loved the idea of a quilt made with a bunch of different silly cow stitched pieces. Because of the incident I posted earlier today on this blog, I posted to the forum to let them know that the quilt with my cows in it (the one I just finished was my second, I also did a Tutankamen cow) may take a while to get completed and linked to my blog entry that rants about why.

In response 3 people have signed on to stitch one of the cows to help replace the ones that were lost/stolen due to the earlier incident. One of the members has also offered to donate a bunch of stitched pieces that she has completed as they would work well on a quilt. Many others posted their support for the charity group and their thoughts/feelings about what that woman chose to do.

I am flabbergasted but this time with surprise and joy! I am so very touched by their desire to help repair the damage. I'm actually sitting here with tears rolling down my cheek. These are not sad tears though, they are tears of happiness and warmth.

Thank you Serinde, Genevieve, Mabel, Kute Kitty, Agi, Jilly, Lisa and BusyB for your wonderful support. Jilly thank you so much for the donation of stitches pieces you have completed. Thank you Jilly, Lisa, KellyAnn, Agi, and BusyB for signing up to stitch more cows to assist in replacing the missing squares. I can't tell you how grateful and happy I am that you have all shown such warmth, support, and willingness to help out! You are all very special ladies!

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  1. What a lovely story, Missy. Thank you for sharing it. Have a great day. Tam.


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