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Monday, June 15, 2009

Crescent Dreams Update and A Stitcher's Helper

Here is a side view of Crescent Dreams by Mirabilia. I changed the blanket and hat to all pink. This closeup shows the colors really well! It is being stitched on 28ct Jobelen from Silkweaver called Rock-A-Bye.

Here is what the design looked like at the end of my stitching time on Thursday or Friday. I am almost finished with all the cross stitching on this piece and will try to post new update photos tomorrow.
On Thursday June 11, 2009 I had some help stitching this piece. My niece, Bridgette, (whom the piece is for) insisted on helping me stitch. Since the ones of her helping me with the Blackwork piece from Tam's Creations did not come out, I made sure DH got pictures this time. It won't let me upload any more pics *pout* so here is a link to the photo album on the Facebook page that has those pictures (Bridgette and I stitching) in it.


  1. How pretty is that baby! Good choice of colours there - looking forward to seeing its progress.

  2. How precious is this? Love it in pink, too. Excellent choice!


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