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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love the Postman

I love ebay and getting mail and I've gotten a bunch of stuff over the past few weeks. This will be a picture heavy post.

These are some of the back issues of magazines and hard cover books I got

More books I received and my son Kyle. He insisted on being in the picture

Ann, from Beadlework, was selling some silk floss from Caron. So I bought the skeins. They are gorgeous!

These are Soie Crystal. Aren't they beautiful?!?!

These are Caron Waterlilies, the two on the left are cotton, the rest are silk. They are just gorgeous!

Ann included a gift of a very pretty beaded scissor fob. These actually fit my scissors so I put them on. This is my one pair of needlework scissors that my friend Curtis gave me a few years ago on Christmas.

Thank you so much Ann! The silks are gorgeous and the fob is wonderful!

Back in May I had a giveaway for a couple gift certificates to 123 Stitch (ONS). Karen (Karen's Handiwork) was one of the winners. In late September I received a small package, inside were these gorgeous hand made note cards! Karen made them for me as a Thank You for the giveaway! They are beautiful Karen, thank you so much!

And last but not least..a crochet project I finished:

In one of the Leisure Arts The Magazine issues I got was this pattern for little Christmas Stockings in thread crochet. They looked easy enough so I thought I'd give it a try. This is my first one. I think it is adorable! I started a second one that will be red on top and white for the rest. Near the top a thin ribbon will be run through the stitches (I have to get some ribbon).

I have done some work on Christmas Dreams but didn't take a new picture. I filled in the stitches I skipped in Santa's hair and upper beard, so the progress is not easy to see. Hopefully I will do some more stitching on him today and upload a new pic in a couple days.


  1. Fab stuff! I especially love the silks and the notecards - just gorgeous!

  2. Your stocking is very cute. Lovely new stash.

  3. Some great ebay wins, and the little stocking is adorable!

  4. Great new stash!
    The crochet stocking is very cute!

  5. OH yes, you must love the postman, lol. Your new stash is absolutely great!
    I also have some new stash - I bought a couple of wonderful threads for two new projects. And I used the gift certificate that I won in your giveaway for them. Thank you so much!


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