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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stitching At Last and a Question

I did some stitching Sunday night. I worked on Quaker Welcome by The Stitcherhood. Here are some pictures.

Bridgette holding Quaker Welcome

Quaker Welcome, I added the bits on the right

I would have gotten more stitching done but I had a cute little helper. My niece kept wanting to help me stitch, which is cute but it does not amount to much actual help. LOL

But I did manage to stitch finally! YAY!

Now I have a question. I do read every comment that comes through on my blog but I am never sure how to respond to them. I have responded by posting reply comments in the comment section, but I'm not sure anyone sees them. Would it be better to reply using email as other bloggers do, or posts that reply to comments, or just comment on my own posts in reply? I don't want to annoy people by sending unwanted email thanking them for reading and commenting on my ramblings, but I also don't want people to think I do not read them or appreciate them (because I definitely do both!). So please, let me know what you think is the best way to reply to comments.


  1. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog :)

    Regarding answering comments, I don't reply to each and every comment individually. On most posts, I put a general thank you for comments received on the previous post. If someone asks a question or I feel I really need to respond to their comment, I'll either email back directly (luckily, as I use WordPress, everyone's email addresses are included) or reply in my next post. I always worry that people won't check back in the comments, so I rarely respond that way.

    BTW, I read down your blog a little way and I'm so sorry about your lovely cat :( I know I would be devastated if that happened to one of ours and I hope that you can get the dog removed one way or the other.

  2. Quaker Welcome looks great.

    If I get a question in my blog I'll either reply by email if the question is quite specific to the person who asked it, specially if it is someone I know fairly well, or I will include the reply in my next blog post if I think the question and answer might be of more general interest

  3. Your Quaker Welcome looks great!

    In answer to your question, I usually reply by email if it is available.

  4. Nice WIP and cute model.
    If you comment back, more then likely they don't see it.
    I usually email back here and there, never enough time to email everyone. Some bloggers don't have their email avaiable either. I sometimes respond in a post too,if they have no email. Hope that helps!

  5. Nice WIP!

    I *very rarely* re-read comments, so I'd miss seeing if you left one after mine.

    I used to have emails sent when people left a comment on my blog, however once I started getting lots of comments it kinda overwhelmed my inbox when I made a post!

    I do get some emails from bloggers when I leave comments but unless I've actually left a serious question-type comment I don't really expect/want emails saying just "thank you."

    If I really want to speak to someone who left a comment I will look up their email or leave a comment on their blog or address it in my next post.

    I think it's completely up to you and what YOU feel is correct.

  6. Quaker welcome looks great! I just recently set my blog up to be able to respond via email but, I may not respond to every comment unless there is a question or something. I don't know what people like either - good question!

  7. Quaker Welcome looks great, I like your little helper. Do I see a future stitcher ???

  8. Quaker Welcome looks lovely.

    I don't reply to every single comment. If someone asks a question I'll email them back if their email addy is avaiable. Sometimes I reply in my next post. I rarely answer a comment in the comments section. Like KarenV I also usually thank people for their comments in my next post.

  9. Lovely progress on "Quaker Welcome". I am a big fan of all things Quaker! Bridgette is adorable helping Mommy to stitch! What a wonderful way to teach her while she is young to love stitching!

  10. I reply to comments via email - if there's a way to email someone. Of course, it depends if I have the time to do those emails. I think people like to think that their thoughts are not going ignored in the ether. If someone asks a good question about something I'm working on, then I'll answer the question in a follow up post. I think that helps us all learn a little bit. Great question!


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