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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Contest- Winners

Since there has been no correct answer yet, and not a lot of interest, here is a picture that shows the error.

The motif is set to look like steps. The three stitches that the arrow are pointing to, should not be there.

So..there were two people who attempted to answer this, so I will send $25.00 gift certificates to them both for playing along! Thank you Christine and Jo. I hope you get something nice with your prize money!

Thank you both for playing along!


  1. Thank you so much! I'm off to have a browse now.
    I can see the error now that you've pointed it out, but I would never have noticed it on my own.

  2. Well, now you've pointed it out, it is, of course, glaringly obvious!

    Thanks for my gift cert, I was up very late last night perusing the website. There is some great stuff to choose from!

  3. Darn it! Too bad I missed that I would of given it a shot!


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