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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIPocalypse February Update

I haven't done much stitching due to having a new person in the house. My eldest niece has moved in, so I've been spending time with her. I have started to teach her to stitch as well and she seems to like it. Hopefully I can get some pics of her piece soon.

For the WIPocalypse here is my update on the Anniversary Sampler. I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric so I went ahead and started the outermost border, as usual I worried for nothing as there is plenty of fabric LOL

Here are the pics:

This is a closer pic of the stitches I added. The light green/blue (502 I believe it is..too lazy to go get pattern to check LOL) is the outermost border. There will be another line of the darker green/blue but it is only 3 more stitches wide, so I am sure I have plenty of room.

I did do a bit more of the blackwork middle border, not a whole lot but some. There will be larger blackwork bits in the empty space as well as specialty stitches in the center of the blackwork flower shape.

Measi of Measi's Musings is running the WIPocalypse. You can see the list of other participants and check out their progress HERE. Thanks Measi!


  1. Great progress. Hope your Niece takes to it - be nice to have some more stitchers in the world.

  2. Any progress is good! I love the sampler, I bet it will be stunning once it's finished.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ohh I really like the colors on this. You're making me want to dig for the magazine to start my own wedding sampler.

  4. Such a lovely sampler Missy. Really pretty, delicate colours. It must be nice to teach your niece to stitch! You two can stitch together!!


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