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Monday, February 18, 2008

SBQ and Feb Stitchathon

This week was the February stitchathon for Cross Stitch Crazy. With the challenge I joined in, I am keeping track of my time:

  • January 2008: 1,531 minutes
  • February 2008: 1941 minutes
I might just make it to my prediction which should be interesting LOL

SBQ for February 13th is:

This week's SBQ was suggested by Loretta and is:
Do you have any projects that you have scrapped and started over? What
made you start over from scratch?

Yes. I have one. I did this teddy bear on a china cabinet design for my biological mother. It was my first ever counted cross stitch and I kept messing up. A couple of times I just frogged and restitched but after I got halfway through and found yet another mistake in the teddy bear's belly I decided to scrap it and start over, this time starting with the teddy bear. Basically repeated errors in counting for the teddy bear (that could not be fudged as it set entire design off) made me scrap it and start over. The picture isn't that great as it was taken with an instant camera and then scanned into the computer and as the peice is buried with my biological mother I can't get a better picture of it.

I finished the seasonal exchange peice and forgot to take a picture of it. I feel real dumb! Sonictomb (Sonya) who is my partner said she would take a picture of it when she gets it. I really appreciate that too!

I got approved to do a square for Love Quilts. They do quilts out of cross stitch squares for ill children. Each quilt is tailored to the child's interests so that it is more meaningful for them. I applied to do a square for a little girl named Cecilia who loves Precious Moments and angels. So I chose a Precious Moments design that is a girl angel holding up a little boy. I have most of the little boy's head and shirt done and am really enjoying stitching this.

Left picture shows with top on right

spot. The picture on the right is a bit of a closeup to show detail and that it is a face, shirt and hair (almost). I really hope Cecilia likes it when it is done. Stitching for charity is a lot different than stitching for someone else, at least it feels different to me. The entire time I'm stitching on this I think of Cecilia and hope that she is doing well. I guess this goes with how the history books say that when women did cross stitch they said a small prayer as they formed each cross. I know when I stitch for a friend or relative I think of them while I stitch, but this feels a bit different, maybe its because it is for a child who is ill and it is for someone I do not know. I just know that I am enjoying stitching this peice a great deal and I hope to do more squares for other children as well.

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