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Monday, September 29, 2008

YAY A finish!!

I finally got the second Cow done. Here it is:

silly cow 2 finished 9-29-08

In keeping with the "silly cow" type of theme, I used a rather silly/funky looking alphabet to sign the piece. I'm not sure I like the black for the backstitch, but I don't know what else to use so I left it. Now to wash these three charity squares ( to be sure they are clean) and get them in the mail. I hope the recipient of the quilts these squares will be a part of really likes the quilts as much as I liked stitching the three squares.

Now to decide what to stitch on next. Go back to the Winter Blackwork, start the Anniversary Chart, or work on one of my other WIPS. I dislike having this many wips so I hesitate to start another piece. I think for tonight I'll just go ahead and do some more on Winter Blackwork by Tam's Creations. I'll try to post a picture of it tomorrow! I may give rotation stitching another try. Set a certain day of the week for each of my large wips (The two TW ones: Stroke of Midnight and Woodland Fairy) and do at least 2 hours on each one. On other nights work on my smaller wips. I think I will give it a try, it can't hurt.

Mon: small wip
Tues: Stroke of Midnight
Wed: Stroke of Midnight
Thur: small wip (break from TW)
Fri: Woodland Fairy
Sat: Woodland Fairy
Sun: small wip

The smalls in there should keep me interested by giving me that wonderful feeling that comes with having completed something (Xmas ornies and such) and having the large WIPS on regular nights may help me to actually make some decent progress on them. It can't hurt to try anyway. LOL (wish me luck, I'll need it!)

I've been trying hard to pull myself out of my depression and since I can be quite stubborn when it is something I really really want, I've been doing pretty good! I've been doing more housework, stitching, reading, talking with the kids, and playing WOW. I've cooked dinner a few times also! My pain level is not much better, specially since I've been forcing myself to move around more, but at least I feel like I've accomplished something and it makes the pain almost worth it.

I have gotten a lot of support from my family and friends, including online friends. I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me and what a difference it makes to know that people think of me and are pulling for me (prayers, good thoughts, hugs etc.) It really does help! Thank you ALL so very much!

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