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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exchange Completed YAY

I put the cow together. I turned it into a card that can stand up, similar to a flat fold. I just hope Rose likes it!

This is the front and it is sitting between the snowmen salt and pepper shakers I got for her as an "extra". She loves snowmen. The chart is Snowmen Cow designed by me and based on the generic cow shape of Les Marottes.

This is the back. It says "For Rose, From Raven. Cross Stitch Forum ATC Round 5, Mar 2009, Snowmen Cow by Raven". I added a pink crystal heart charm from Mill Hill treasures for a bit of "bling" on the back.

I have been working on my Blackwork Winter Sampler by Tam's Creations again. I have the center and one of the 4 corners done and am working on the upper left corner now. I will try to put pictures up tomorrow since I am not done stitching today.

I found a site last night that had over a thousand files on it which were all illegal copies of cross stitch charts for download. The site is similar to webshots in that it is supposed to be a picture hosting site, but a few people used it to list illegal scans of charts from many different companies, some of which included Dimensions, Dimensions Gold, Teresa Wentzler, Passione Ricamo, Mirabilia, Cross My Heart, RICO, PINN, and many more. I couldn't believe it when I saw how many charts were up there. So I made a list of each chart I could identify, arranged by company and then used the list to send emails to each company that included the name of the stolen chart and a direct link to the files. I am hoping to see that site disappear by the end of the week. It really annoys me to see people continuing to steal from designers. In total it was 35 emails.

Well I am off to watch a movie with my beautiful neice!

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