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Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling Real Happy!

I have my first HD of 2009!! I am feeling so happy and excited!! Better than I have felt in months!

The first chart I have designed for myself and stitched is completed, I finished the backstitching tonight!

This is my Snowmen Cow design, fully stitched! It is for an exchange on Cross Stitch Forum, a forum filled with the most wonderful people I have ever met online. The people on this forum are real, welcoming to newcomers, and their behavior matches their words. I honestly love this forum and the people on it and it is one of the 2 forums that I go to now because there is no clique and the people on it are just wonderful!

Anyway, this cow is for Rose on that forum. It is for the ATC (artist trading card) exchange, round 5. I am majorly late, but that is partly because I was sick for 6 weeks and had uncontrolled pain for a few weeks. I put the last stitch in it tonight. I think it came out pretty good! My DH is buying me the few items I need to turn it into a card that will stand up on its own (kind of a flat fold type of thing). I stitched the words for the back as well. I will mail it on Monday and I really hope that Rose likes it!

I can't believe how happy and energized I feel after finishing this! I am excited, happy, smiling and feeling really good! I haven't felt this good in weeks! Maybe this is all I needd, to finally accomplish something to start of the new year.

I will kit up the chart that my sister in law Stephanie chose for me to do a birth sampler for my niece. It is mirabilia design called Crescent Dreams, a baby in a blanket on a crescent moon. I will be changing the blanket to pink rather than blue, then adding Bridgette's information to it once it is done. I hope it turns out real well for them!

Maybe this energized feeling will be the catalyst to pull me out of this depression I've been dealing with since the first of the year.


  1. Thank you Becca! I am very pleased with how it turned out and so is my partner :)

    I appreciate the comment, thank you! :)


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