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Friday, February 26, 2010

Stitchy Mail and WIP

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my friend Angi. She is also a stitcher. Months ago she got a look at my wish list and said she had many of the Dragon Dreams charts that were on my list. She said she probably would not stitch them and offered to send them to me. I got the package yesterday. I was so happy! Here is a pic of everything she sent me:

Back Row Left to Right: Dragon Dreams: Child Of Mine, Childhood Memories Sampler, My Treasure, Morning Dragon, Proof, Dragonlets Birth Sampler, Sleeping Dragon Sampler, No Late Knight Snacking, A Stitcher's Blessing and Moonlight Guardian
Middle Row Left to Right: Dragon Dreams: The Time I Spend Stitching, I'll Make My Own Happy Ending, Blackwork Princess, A Dragon's Tea Party (with all floss); Chatelaine's Weeping Willow Keep with all floss and silks plus Kiwi Illusions 32ct Belfast Linen from Country Stitch
Third Row left to right: Country Cottage Needlework's The Flower Shop and Passione Ricamo's Moon Fairy Spirit

This package made my entire day! Now I get the wonderful job of figuring out what to stitch when I finish Christmas Dreams. I love the Dragon Dream's charts. They are cute without being too cartoonish and I love dragons as well. Thank you so much Angi, I really appreciate it!

Christmas Dreams by Joan Elliott

Here is the latest WIP pic of Christmas Dreams by Joan Elliott. It is looking pretty good I think!

This is a closeup of the stitching. I still love how much detail my camera can get.

I gave Rachel the framed Raccoon Baby. She loved it! She was really happy with it and seemed to be very touched by the information that I added to the back of the frame and the message I wrote on the paper covering the back of the frame. The message was wishing her a Happy 21st Birthday and telling her I love her. I used clear packing tape to attach a piece of paper to the back of the frame. This paper contained the same birthday message as well as the information on the design. Designer name, threads used, fabric used, design's name, who it is for, who it was stitched by, when it was stitched, and when it was framed. I didn't think to take any pictures of her opening it and I keep mentally kicking myself for that. She said the message and information on the back was very sweet. She loved the carved scrolls on the frame and kept running her fingers over it following the curls and loops. I am very happy that she liked it so much!

Well that's it for my stitching update! Have a good day everyone!

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