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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Start and WIP Update

Here is what Christmas Dreams looked like when I finished stitching last night (well actually was very early this morning...3 or 4 AM or so lol). I am liking how this is shaping up and I am looking forward to finishing it as a wall quilt.

Since I started reading stitching blogs I have seen many Quaker designs. I've wanted to stitch one for a long time. I also want a break from Christmas Dreams, so today I went hunting for a Quaker freebie that I could print out and stitch to see if I enjoyed stitching the designs as much as I enjoy looking at pictures of other stitcher's Quaker pieces. I downloaded a freebie called Quaker 6 Mains by Mon Ami Pierre dot net. I chose to stitch it monochrome for now (though that may change since I am mentally debating using different colors on certain motifs such as tan for the rabbitt). I am stitching this on 28ct White Jobelen using DMC floss #3831. I like the designs I have seen stitched in red only such as the many designs oin French stitching blogs. I did not want to use a bright red so I chose 3831 as it is red enough but more pink than red. I love the way it looks and I am enjoying stitching this Quaker piece a great deal! I am very glad that I decided to finally give it a shot by using a freebie. I didn't get very far as I am very tired after being awake all night last night and not getting a nap today. I stopped when I realized I was starting to doze over my stitching. Here is a pic of my Quaker WIP. I am looking forward to stitching more of it tomorrow.

So far I am loving this piece and I am real excited about stitching it. I like how it has medalions and different motifs that provide the stitcher with "mini-finishes" while stitching the sampler.

Well that's it for me, I'm going to try to get some sleep now.

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  1. Your Santa and your Quaker Sampler look good. You are amking great progress on the Santa.


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