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Friday, March 5, 2010

Daughter Stitching and Quaker WIP

My daughter Sam started a cross stitch of a Care Bear; Cheer Bear specifically. She decided to stitch it for her cousin (My niece) Bridgette. She had all the main stitching completed. All that was left was the little bit of snow at the bottom of the piece and adding Bridgette's name, so I went ahead and finished it for her since she is leaving tomorrow to go to Wisconsin and it is possible she will not be returning. She is moving in with her boyrfiend. She took a stitching project with her but didn't have enough room for Cheer Bear so I offered to finish it for her. I got it done just a little bit ago. She did a marvelous job! The back is very neat, her neatest back yet! Bridgette has seen it as well and she points to the bear and says "bear! Mine!" LOL

Here is a picture of the completed design.

Cheer Bear With Tree Lights
© M.C.G. Textiles

I have done a bit more on my Quaker sampler. I decided to go ahead and put some color changes in it. So I chose 3 shades of reddish pink: 3831: Dark, 3832: Medium, and 3833: Light. So far I think the subtle color changes have added to the beauty of this piece. I continue to enjoy the heck out of stitching this design. I guess my feeling that I would really enjoy stitching samplers was a true one. I remember how much I enjoyed stitching the Love Home Joy sampler a few years ago. I got into it so intensely that I finished it within 2 weeks by stitching every single day, almost all day long. I loved the mini-finishes that occured with each completed motif. I loved the way each motif blended with those around them and how the colors worked so well together. This Quaker doesn't have the obvious color changes that the Love Home Joy sampler had because I am stitching the Quaker with 3 shades of the same color, whereas Love Home Joy was stitching with different shades of blue and green. I am really enjoying every stitch I put into this piece and I want to stitch all day long! Sadly I can't stitch all day long because things such as laundry and cooking have to be done LOL

Anyway here is the latest wip picture of my Quaker Sampler:

I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. I enjoy every comment made and they make my day brighter and happier! Thank you all!


  1. Your sampler will be lovely, Missy. Looking forward to seeing more. That is an example of a mother's love to finish a daughter's stitching!

  2. DDs piece is so cute, and I'm sure Bridgette will be happy with it! You Quaker piece is lovely, too. Nice job!

  3. Thank you Gillie and Charlene! There is quite a bond between Sam and I and I am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.

  4. Your daughter did a great job on her piece. Your Quaker sampler is coming along nicely.

  5. DD's Cheer Bear is cute. I am sure she will be pleased. Your Quaker piece is stitching up lovely.

  6. its looking lovely the colours really suit it :) and i think the care bear is cute i remember my two being into those bears a longgg time ago love mouse xxxx

  7. Thank you Terri, Dusty and Mouse :)

    Mouse, my DD is 21 and she still collects those silly bears. Her favorite is bedtime bear LOL

  8. Your Quaker is coming along well and love the colours you have chosen for it.

    Your daughter's finish is sooo cute.


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