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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time To Rotate The Stitches!

A while back I tried doing rotation stitching. This is when you set a time table to switch projects. I tried a 2 day rotation. I think I lasted all of 2 weeks with it. I also got seriously depressed so instead of just altering the rotation timing, I stopped stitching for the most part.

I used to stitch only one project at a time because I worried that I would never finish anything if I had more than one on the go. Finally I started having 2 wips: an easier one for stitching when I was in a lot of pain or otherwise unable to concentrate solely on a complicated design (Teresa Wentzler) and a larger project for those times when I could focus better or had more time. I continued to finish projects and realized that I liked having more than one on the go because it allows me to choose which one to do within whatever my current circumstances are. Also having more than one on the go allowed me to take breaks from the larger projects without having to give up stitching completely. Being able to do that helped me to keep my interest up on my projects, which of course resulted in faster finishes on larger designs than I was getting stitching one at a time.

Some switch projects after so many hours spent on a project, some go by months, some by days etc. Whatever works best for the individual stitcher.

I was reading a friend's blog (Peggy) and she uses a weekly rotation. She stitches on one project for a week, then switches to a different one for the next week. Of course there is leeway should something come up like a wedding sampler or the need to stitch a birthday card. But this sounds like a better chocie for me than the other rotation schedules I have read about. I do real well stitching on a piece for a week or 2, then I tend to need a break and either stitch a different project or not stitch at all. So I figured I would give a weekly (and consider making it a 2 week ) rotation a shot. If it doesn't feel right to me I'll just go back to what I have been doing, stitching whichever of my wips strikes my fancy on that day. lol

When I stitched last night (well really early this morning, 3-6AM couldn't sleep) instead of working on the Quaker, I pulled out Christmas Dreams. I, once again, really enjoyed stitching on it and made some decent progress. Due to the time I didn't take any pictures but I will try to put one up later today or tomorrow.


  1. Missy, I tried to email you about the AMAP Victoria's Quaker and Drawn Thread chart I have for sale om my blog. I dont know if it went through because I have not heard back form you, but if you are still interested in buying these two charts from me please email me at gbsgurl27 at aol dot com


  2. Thanks Yoshi! Love you!

    Emailed you Natasha, thank you :)


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