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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stitching A Quaker

I am still working on the Quaker sampler and am close to finishing the first page. There are 4 pages in the design. I had a visit from the nasty old frog while stitching the rabbit and ended up having to pull it out and do it over, but I ended up getting it right. I am still enjoying stitching this piece a great deal!

Here is a pic as of March 6, 2010:

What do you think of the color changes? I don't want to overwhelm the piece by doing a lot of color changes, but so far I really like the additional shades. The roses are done in dark for the stem/leaves, and light for the blooms. The quilt square motif is done with dark in the center and medium for the triangles. The rabbitt and owl (at bottom unfinished) are done in dark with the heart between them done in the medium. I think the few changes give it some depth and interest and as long as I don't switch colors too often it will look real good!


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