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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIPS on Parade

Here is where I left off on the Quaker when I switched projects for the next two weeks. I am really loving how this is looking!

Here is a closeup of the stitching on this piece. It is being done 2 strands over 2 threads on 28ct Jobelen.

On Sunday March 7 I pulled out Christmas Dreams to work on it for the next two weeks. I have made more progress than I thought I would. Then two days stuck in bed resting my knee gave me lots of time to stitch! I also did some stitching while I was at my doctor's office today. This is still in my hoop because I plan on doing some more stitching tonight.

This is really taking shape now! It is going to be gorgeous! When I am done with the blue version, I hope to stitch the red version on the gold dusted aida but I have to get the chart flipped so that when I make the wall quilt, both Santa's will be facing each other. I think its going to look great!

I ordered a few new charts, quaker designs. I can't wait to get them. I wasn't sure I would like stitching a Quaker design but I really love it! The mini-finishes helps keep my interest up, and the way each medallion/motif looks crisp and clean just looks great!

Well that is it for me for today.

Happy Stitches!


  1. Great progress on both your WIP's.

  2. Beautiful stitching! Will be watching for the quakers, too!

  3. Beautiful job as always! :D I might pick mine up again...just to have something different to do. I miss you!

  4. Lovely work, Missy! I do something similar to your rotation. I need small, portable projects on larger weave (28 ct over two works well for this) that I can take when I travel for work. Anything with a tighter weave is too hard for me to see on the plane or with crummy hotel light. Plus I find projects that don't use a lot of different floss colors. When I'm home with better stitching conditions, I'll stitch on 40-count weave, more involved projects, and many more colors.

  5. Thank you Myelene, Charlene, Yoshi-brat, and LiahonaGirl! I really appreciate the comments.

    LiahonaGirl I haven't tried 40ct yet, but one day I will give it a go. I also love having a small project for when I am going somewhere or sitting in a doctor's office or some such thing. The Quaker, despite being fairly large, is easy to bring with me as it only takes those few colors and is fairly easy to stitch (counting being the biggest deal when going from one motif to the next).


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