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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No new stitching

Due to my increase in pain and having to be in bed I haven't stitched anything. Since I have to shift positions between sitting up and laying down every 15 to 20 minutes, stitching just can't happen. I wish I could figure out how to stitch laying down (on my right side) it would make it a lot easier. Instead I've been reading.

Since everyone seemed to enjoy seeing a picture of the gold dragon I stitched, I thought I'd toss up a couple more pics of older designs I have done, just so you have something pretty to look at since you loaded my page. :)

Love Home Joy
Designer: Ursula Michael

I saw this design in the June 2005 issue of "The Cross Stitcher" magazine. I started stitching it when I saw it again while I was re-reading my magazines and finished it on July 12, 2006. It took me two weeks and it was my first sampler. It captured me somehow and I ended up stitching for hours every day until it was done. I loved the way the greens and blues worked together. The pic isn't great though.

Good Neighbors
Designer: Paula Vaughn
I finished this in 2001 after 18 months or so of stitching. This was difficult to do beacuse I did it on 18ct Aida. I hadn't tried evenweave at that point and my one earlier attempt on linen drove me batty. But I wished I had tried evenweave because there were a lot of 1/2 and 3/4 stitches on this piece and over 2 threads make those stitches so much easier! This is the one piece of my stitching that I have no clue what happened to it. A former friend of my son's had looked at it and said his mother would have loved to receive something like that. I told him I would teach him to stitch then put it back in the storage drawer. Well the next time I went to pull it out, it was gone and I have not found it anywhere. I figure that boy stole it because he did steal other things (video games and toys from my son), which is one of the reasons he is no longer my son's friend. Eventually I will stitch it again, it was a very enjoyable stitch and I figure it will be even better (and easier) on evenweave.

The Castle
Designer Teresa Wentzler
I finished this piece, on aida, in 3 months. I started in Dec of 1998 and finished in Feb or March of 1999. The only reason I finished such a complicated chart so quickly was because I was bedridden so I stitched all day long, every day. I gave this piece away to a friend of mine and she still has it to this day and still loves it. I bought it as a kit, and as usual (in my experiences anyway) for a kit I ran out of thread. Luckily it contained and was charted for DMC so I just pulled the appropriate colors from my small stash (was small then, not anymore!) and finished it.

Hopefully I will have some new stitching to show tomorrow. I will be in bed again, but I am able to sit up longer before having to lay down, so hopefully I can stitch on something!


  1. Look at that Paula Vaughan. I love her things. I have about every pattern ever translated of her paintings but have only truly finished just one. I need to do one for myself. The Victory Garden pattern was always one of my favorites.
    Your older works are beautiful!

  2. I have a lot of her patterns and they are beautiful! I have done two of them so far, Good Neighbors and another of an old fashioned Singer sewing machine with a victorian style pink dress standing beside it. I did it for a friend who had the most amazing sewing room I've ever seen. It was a building all to itself, with lots of sewing machines from antiques to modern overlock sergers and computerized embroidery machines. She loved it!

  3. Great designs you have stitched and finished, i especially love the "Love Home Joy".

    Hope feel better very soon.

  4. I'd have to say that my favorite one from your older works has to be the teddy bear you stitched for your mom. That was beautifully done!

  5. The one with 3 words on it, the Home Love Joy one is lovely! The Good Neighbor one is lovely too. I like them both. You certainly know, how to move a needle! If you saw how terrible my stitching, or actually needlepoint, is, you'd faint. i am an amateur in comparison to you.


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