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Friday, May 28, 2010

Help Please

I tried backstitching Frogging Around's letters with both the darkest teal in the variegated and with black floss, neither looked good. So I started the letters again with 909 (that's the Y), the frog is done in 911.

The original called for a variegated Six Strand Sweets that looks to be a combo of purples and greens (dark). So I layed a bunch of different colors on the fabric but I can't make up my mind which to use. The first pic shows a decent representation of the actual fabric color. I'm leaning towards 702, 704, or 4050. I want something that will look nice, but stand out on the fabric so the letters will be visible.

It is a mix of dark and light shades of green with grays as well

This pic is clickable to make it bigger. 
I am leaning towards 702, 704, or 4050 which is in 4th row, third from the left.
Top color: 739 Letter "Y" 909
2nd Row: 676, 744, 4050, 4120
3rd Row: 680, 782, 437
4th row: 955, 702, 704, 369, 208
5th Row: 3837, 552, 3834, 3835

Please guys give me your opinions because I am stumped. I just can't figure it out, though I think part of it is because I stink at color changing (which is why I rarely change charted colors) and because I am annoyed by this project. It shouldn't have taken more than a week and its been a month and I've already frogged the words 5 times. I put the purples on there because the original floss had purple in it and I like purple but I don't think it goes on the green fabric with a green frog. 

Heck maybe I should just do the letters in black. ARRGGGHHH..ok putting this aside for a bit and waiting for your opinions. I would really appreciate it!


New project: I started an afghan 2 nights ago. I did the gauge swatch and was very disappointed to find that despite stitching really loosely and using a hook 2 sizes larger than the pattern calls for, I still came up half an inch short on the gauge. So I gave up and did the starting chain with more stitches than called for, until it was 45" long, which is how wide the afghan should be. Since it is an afghan getting exact gauge isn't such a big deal like it would be for a sweater or something. Also it is a very simple pattern of double crochet, nothing fancy, so adding extra stitches won't disrupt the pattern.I am going to use a special stitch near the ends to add a raised area, just for a bit of decoration. Since this is simply a matter of doing front post doubles in the same spot as a double crochet would go, it won't upset the pattern or size either and it will add some depth and interest I think. Here's hoping I can actually finish this afghan, if so it will be my first.


  1. That is one cute frog! What I would do, since the chart called for a variegated green/purple is pick the green you like best on the fabric and also a purple. When you stitch use one strand of each, and after I typed this I think you said it would be backstitching with one strand which means I'm no help at all! If it is backstitching I would just pick the color you think looks best with both the fabric and the green in the frog.

  2. Thank you for your assistance Olga and Nancy.

    Nancy, the letters are done in x's like the "y" that is already in there using 909. I like your idea and may give that a shot.

  3. I am not very good at this, I never change colours either, but I like the varigated green, directly under the frog.

  4. If I was only using a green I think I'd go for the 702, but I'd be tempted to use the 3837 purple as well and alternate the letters

  5. I'd use the dark purple, it would highlight the letters, but not take away from the overall stitching.
    What afghan are you making? As you say, the gauge is irrelevant, you can always make it bigger by making a border, I've done that on a couple I made before. Good luck!

  6. I think I'd use the pink variegated (top row far right) or the dark purple. That said, the purple may be too dark to complement the green of the material and the frog, and the pink may not look right with the stitching to the side of the frog. If the stitching was below, the pink would give the allusion to a lily pad of sorts (so you could experiment with changing the placement of the text perhaps? I'm so sorry this has ended up taking you so much longer than you thought it would :( I guess it's turned out that the frog has become a problem in the literal sense.

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  8. I think I would try the dark purple for a few letters and see how that looks to you. I've always thought that green and purple look quite nice together (well, that could be because the violets I'm now working on are purple and green!!). Good luck and I'll look forward to seeing your frog all finished up :)

  9. I think a strong but not too bright purple would be a great compliment to your project.The dark purple would be my pick. Just go for it! It can always come out.

  10. I think I'd go with the dark purple. But that's me beacuse I just love purpel.

  11. I hope you find the suitable color. And I hope the afghan will be a success too. And pretty. I have no doubt you'll make it. One stitch at a time. That's all you have to keep in mind.


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