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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Stash

My favorite posting board (Cross Stitch Forum) started a topic asking people to post pictures of their stash. So I grabbed my camera and took pictures. I knew I had a decent sized stash, except for fabrics, but I didn't realize just how much I had mostly because it is spread out in two different rooms. Anyway, here are the pictures with descriptions beneath them.

This is the top shelf of a small bookshelf (3 shelves only) that sits in my bedroom, on my side of the bed. This shelf contains US Stitching Mags, lots of charts and some kits. The charts that come as leaflets, or in plastic baggies (such as HAED) are on this shelf.

These are my bobbin boxes that contain all the floss that I have on bobbins. Most are DMC floss, but there are a few silks on bobbins, metallics and such on bobbins as well. The red and black box holds my backup DMC in ziploc baggies, sorted by the hundreds (100, 200s, etc.) This all sits atop the small bookshelf in my room.

 This pile sits atop the 3 drawer plastic chest next to the bookshelf in my bedroom. It contains a floss bobbin box from a finished project, waiting to put bobbins away. A travel case with all the floss needed for both of my Teresa Wentzler WIPS. Magazines I have received lately, and a few printed freebies, waiting to be put away.

This is a 3 drawer plastic cabinet. The top drawer holds extra floss, beads, metallics, needles, silks, and a couple small kits. The second drawer holds thread crochet stuff, hooks, ribbons and things like that. The bottom drawer holds fabric, wips, and kits. Behind this cabinet are two plastic tubes of Aida fabric. One is mine, one is my SIL's.

This is my stitching travel bag. It currently holds 4 projects because I took them to Indiana with me. There are two magazines I bought in it as well. Bobbin boxes containing the floss for those projects. The projects are: anniversary sampler, frog from TGOSM, Christmas Dreams and the Quaker.

Top shelf of large bookshelf in Den. This contains my hard and soft cover pattern books, leaflets and two binders. One binder has charts from done projects, as well as small charts (like Miribillia charts) all in those clear plastic page protectors. The other binder contains charts from an old mailing service I had joined then canceled because I didn't like most of the charts.

Bottom drawer of old dresser in the den. It contains UK Stitching magazines with a few US ones as well.

Middle drawer of dresser in Den. This contains all finished pieces that have not been framed or finished into something. They are protected with acid free tissue paper and white towels.

Top drawer of the dresser in the Den. It contains off-size charts, and UK and US stitching mags.

Well that is my stash. This does not count the items I packed up to send to the UK for a friend whose ex threw her stash out.

I am a bit embarrassed at how large my stash is. But I love it! I get a lot of pleasure out of re-reading the magazines, looking at the charts and re-arranging my threads, so it is very worth it to me!


  1. Great stash! Isn't it fun to have a lot of stash? I do too! lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog. btw, my DH loves to play WoW. :D

  2. Wow, and I thought I had a large stash! I keep my stranded cotton in two customised lever arch files with thread cards that I made myself, and my patterns are divided into thirty-one subjects (and nearly as many sub-topics!) in a further seven or eight lever arch files, and then the books sit on top of those. We have limited space in our one-bed house, but hope to be moving to a three-bed soon with the two kids :-) That doesn't mean I'll have more space for my stash, just that there'll be more space for the kids to spread out!

  3. wow that is major stash
    i know it is fun to look through then i tell myself do not buy more
    but i always see "just one more chart" i need when at the LNS

    your rose colored quaker sampler is looking lovely....i need to get to stitching but have not done any all week-----a little rest ;0)
    have a good weekend

  4. Thank you Margaret, Craftgirl, Corinna, Terri, and Hazel. I agree that having stash and looking through it is a lot of fun. I did not realize how much I had until I took these pics. lol

    I'm always telling myself "you don't need anymore stash" but I still find myself adding to it. I have decided that stitching is a 2 part hobby. There is the stitching and then there is the collecting (stash!), so you get double the joy! lol

  5. wow! You do have lots of stash!

    I realise i have too many magazines so i had sent a few to friends and others i cut the designs i wanted and thrown the rest away. I have to reduce as we started packing for the upcoming renovations, much as i hate to throw or send them away. There are still more(mostly cross stitcher-U.K) and would like to send to the U.S but postage just for one mag. is $7.20. I find it is not fair!

  6. WOW Raven, you are way to organized LOL. I have stash coming out of my ears -- it is everywhere. I haven't tried to organize it yet. I do have my own form or sorting though, I have most of my threads together. Overdyes are separated form the DMC and my needlepoint threads are separate form that ( not too many of these as yet though. All of my fabrics are in a separate container. And all of my unframed finishes are rolled up and waiting in a drawer.The majority of my books /charts are in ring binders by subject or designer. Others are still waiting patierntly in bags. All of the kitted up projects are in a separate container. Son of a gun, I guess I am organized to some degree. LOL

  7. Thanks for sharing your stash photos :)

  8. I just enjoyed reading a couple of posts on your blog.
    I hope you have solved the dilemma of what colour to use on you frog :)
    Great stash you have there. You can never have too much stash!


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