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Friday, July 16, 2010

New Finish And Wonderful Find!

I have my third finish for 2010! YAY! I finished Lizzie * Kate's "Peace, Love, and a Cure".

Blogger still won't let me upload pictures so I uploaded to Webshots again. Here is the front of the piece.


I am so very proud of the back of it as it is one of the neatest backs I have done so far. Here is a picture of the back as well.


I really enjoy stitching works by Teresa Wentzler. I was very sad when she announced that she was closing her needlework design company TW Designworks. So I was very happy to find that she started a second blog, solely for her needlework and that she will post updates to her designs (and new designs as well) on this blog. For any of you who would like to read her needlework blog here is the URL: TW's Needlework Blog ( Her original blog will now contain updates for her artwork, which are very beautiful to see. The URL for that blog is here: TW's Artwork Blog.


  1. Fantastic finish!Love the gorgeous colours in this one.

  2. OH, what a nice finish this is. Congratulations! And I can't believe that the back of a stitched piece can really look like this. And mine don't look messy either, but not that neat, I must admit.

  3. That is lovely, and the back is incredibly neat, I'd not dare show the back of my work in public!

  4. Raven,

    You do lovely work! (My backs are NOT pretty! LOL)

    Thanks so very much for the links to my blogs!

  5. Sally, Brigitte, Angi, Karen, Christine and Teresa, thank you :)

    My backs are not all this neat, especially not the larger projects like the Teresa Wentzler's I have done. Lots of color changes in small areas do not make for neat backs. LOL I'll post a picture of the back of "The Guardian" by TW Designworks where you can see all the carried threads.

    Teresa, I was so glad to find that you created a separate stitching blog and will still be occasionally designing for cross stitch! I love your designs and have completed 2 and have two as WIPS. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  6. Congratulations on your finish! This is very pretty with the cheerful colors, and your stitching is beautiful!


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