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Saturday, July 24, 2010


I started a new design as my desire to stitch smaller pieces continues. Here is my start on Quaker Welcome by The Stitcherhood. This is a small Quaker design that I really liked. To give it a little extra impact I chose to stitch it on opalescent jobelen from Enchanting Lair called Meadow. It is a very pretty shade of light blue. Rather than stitch the piece in black I chose a dark navy blue from DMC, number 820. I am really liking the dark blue against the light blue fabric. Like the larger Quaker WIP I have it seems to be crisp, and clean even though it is a dark blue floss on a light blue fabric. I wasn't sure I would still get that crisp appearance on a colored fabric like I got with the white, but it still looks that way to me. The colors in this picture are a bit faded. I took the picture late at night, using the flash because that is when I finished stitching.

Quaker Welcome © The Stitcherhood
DMC floss 820
28ct Opalescent Jobelen "Meadow" By Enchanting Lair

I did do a little more on Christmas Dreams by Joan Elliott, but it wasn't enough progress to take another picture. I filled in a little more white on his beard but not much.

I noticed that I now have 75 followers! WOW! Thank you all very much for following my little blog despite the occasional rambling post. I really enjoy reading other stitchers' blogs and am happy that you seem to enjoy reading mine.


  1. QW looks great, love the fabric.
    Maria has such wonderful designs.
    Congrats! on the followers

  2. Great new the that blue thread!

  3. Very pretty, the fabric/thread combination is lovely

  4. I love your new start! Looks gorgeous on the fabric you've chosen.

  5. Awesome copyright posting! Thx for that. I think so many people just don't get it. Your new project looks great!

  6. Love the sparkle. You are one of the winners of the giveaway. Please send me your address so I can send out your package.

  7. Looks like a very nice new start. But then stitching a Quaker design is always fun.


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