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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Full Set Of DMC

Thanks to ebay I have finally managed to get a full set of DMC embroidery floss. I have at least one skein of each color. My floss is arranged by number, with that bunch of skeins waiting to be put on bobbins. YAY!

I have also managed to give my sister-in-law Stephanie almost a complete set of DMC floss for her stitching. She is about 15 to 20 skeins short. Hopefully I can complete her set in the next couple of months.

I have one more order from ebay coming in and this will be 201 colors of Anchor embroidery floss. I figure that will give me a decent start to that brand of floss and make it possible for me to stitch the designs that I like which are charted for Anchor. I'm not very good at conversions so I figure having some Anchor floss won't hurt.

Because I won an auction I wasn't expecting to win, we ended up with a bunch of duplicates as well, which replaced my backup floss which I have packaged up to send to a friend of mine.

So now I have plenty of floss, lets see if I can actually start stitching again to use the floss. LOL


  1. Feels good to have them all doesn't it? Lets you know you can stitch a design as soon as you get in the mood instead of waiting to buy the right colors!

  2. All nice and organized! You can never have too much thread!

  3. Yay! I have a complete set as well, and it's sure nice to be able to start whatever project you like and not having to worry about getting the right colors for it :) Enjoy!

  4. Congratulations on having a full set of DMC.

  5. I store my DMC floss the same way you do. It's awonderful picture that you show here with all your DMC. Love it.

  6. Lucky you to have a complete set of DMC! And a good start on your Anchor too! I have nothing in comparison. Ah well! Love your blackwork piece!

  7. That is a lot of floss, it should keep you busy for quite a while

  8. I lust after a full set of floss!

  9. Isn't the collecting a big part of the fun? Your boxes look very tidy. When I first started stitching, twenty some-odd years ago, the friend who taught me would give me a big range of colors for birthday and Christmas presents. That got a big jump on my collection - and I've tried to keep it complete ever since.

  10. hello,

    a dream .................. my dream. * Lol *

    everything dear doreen

  11. Have fun stitching with your lovely complete collection of threads!


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