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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My first finish for the year and daughter stitches

YAY!  I finally managed to finish something! I finished Quaker Welcome by The Stitcherhood. It is for my mother-in-law. I will give it to her for Christmas if I can get it framed by then. Here are some pictures:

Quaker Welcome
© The Stitcherhood
Finished Oct. 2, 2011 on 28ct Silkweaver's Jobelen
DMC 820
The backside
I am very proud of this piece. I did not carry threads between motifs, and I tried hard to keep the back neat. I love the dark blue on the sparkly light blue. Sue, my DMIL, saw it when we visited and it was almost half-way done and she really liked it. It felt so great to finally finish something!

I was stitching with my daughter. She is working on a piece that is a combination of two EMS baby designs. She will add a heart and some words between the two. The piece is for her friends who are engaged to be married. Here are pictures:

Penguin Baby © Ellen Maurer-Stroh
14 ct White Aida with reccomended DMC floss
Stitcher: Sam C.

Turtle Baby © Ellen Maurer-Stroh
14ct Aida DMC Floss
Stitcher: Sam C.

Carnation from book 2011 Cross Stitch Designs
14ct Aida DMC Floss
Stitcher: Sam C.
It was really nice to spend some time stitching and even better was spending that time with my daughter. I've been focusing on spending time with my family. I am once again homeschooling my son Kyle. My daughter Sam and I have been watching DVD's or movies via Netflix, chatting, and stitching. Due to my back not getting any better DH and I can't get out much, so we've also been watching movies and various documentaries on Netflix. So lots of chatting, goofing off, and just enjoying being together and it feels great. I think that is why I was finally able to feel a desire to stitch and enjoy every stitch, instead of just doing a few stitches because I "had" to and not enjoying it. I am hoping to pull out the wedding sampler I started for DH and I and continue working on it. If I remember correctly it is half-way done already and the changes I made to the chart (extending it to fit more words) were all worked out.

Sentimental Sampler
From a magazine
The colors are off on this but hopefully when I get some more done I can get a better picture of it.

Well that's pretty much it for me, hopefully I will have a new update soon!


  1. That is fantastic that you have been able to spend time stitching with your daughter and being able to spend some good quality time with your family :)

    The Quaker Welcome piece is lovely. The back is so neat!! I would never show the back of my pieces! lol

    I love Sam's stitchings. The penguin baby is so cute!

    I hope your back feels better soon.
    Happy stitching!

  2. Lovely finish, and your WIPs are looking great

  3. oh how pretty. How nice your daughter stitches with you.

  4. Congratulations on your Quaker finished! It's so beautifully stitched. So neat! :) Your daughter's works are beautiful too. Sorry to hear about your back was not well. I hope you will get better soon. Enjoy your stitching with family. Have a nice day.

  5. What a lovely finish! You're very brave to show the back. The backs of my stitching shall be seen by no one ;)

  6. Isn't it wonderful when the passion for something finally returns? I can tell that you are enjoying it; the sampler is just wonderful. Your MIL is one lucky lady!

  7. Your finish is absolutely beautiful.

    It's lovely that your daughter stitches too. My youngest used to but she doesn't enjoy it anymore which is a shame :(

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! This is Raven's daughter, Yoshimara (aka Sam) and I'm glad you all enjoyed the WIP pics! Hopefully I'll have the turtle baby done soon, as well as another project I'm working on for a good friend of mine for Christmas and I'll have those posted on Raven's and my blogs.

    And Mom, you did a wonderful job with the sampler, I'm so proud to have you as a parent. <3 Beautiful job as always! Love you lots and lots!

  9. The Quaker piece looks gerat. Congrats on finishing it. And congrats to your daughter on finishing the cute penguin baby.


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