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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update on Sentimental Sampler used as Anniversary Sampler

I realized that the picture I uploaded of Sentimental Sampler (using it as an Anniversary Sampler) is an old one. When I pulled it out to work on it I realized that I was further along than that picture showed. So I took a new picture. I did a bit of stitching last night and am hoping to get some more done today after I do a bit of cleaning in the bedroom.

Sentimental Sampler © The Cross Stitcher
28ct Jobelen with DMC floss over 2 threads
Closeup with decent representation of colors

Sentimental Sampler © The Cross Stitcher
As of Oct. 18, 2011
I had to alter the chart a little bit in order to fit the names into it. So I removed one line from the center and altered the line below the names. I kept the same dimensions (stitch count, number of rows etc.) so I would not have to figure out how to alter the borders of the piece. I was so nervous making these changes, but was very happy when the first border fit perfectly. I was so worried that my count might have been off and the border wouldn't fit anymore, but it did (that's the zig zag border just around the middle part).

Thank you all for your comments on my last post about Quaker Welcome and my daughter's stitching. I really appreciate it. Your support and well wishes do help me a great deal. Sam (my daughter) says thank you for the compliments; they made her smile.

 said: "Isn't it wonderful when the passion for something finally returns?"

Yes Jenny it is fantastic! I was beginning to think my stitching bug was eaten by the frogs somewhere. LOL

OK I am off to do some cleaning and then hopefully some stitching. I am going to try to use my stitching as a coping mechanism for my pain. Cleaning my room will make my pain level go up. Stitching used to help me cope with my pain by distracting me from it. For a while now it hasn't been though I'm not sure if that is because of the pain or because I was in a bout of depression again. So I will try today. I am hoping that my stitching will once again help me deal with my pain.


  1. Your sampler looka fabulous, I love the colour combination

  2. I love the colors in your sampler - very pretty! I know that stitching definitely helps me when I am in pain, so hopefully it will help you with your. Take care and enjoy your reconnection with your passion!

  3. that sampler looks great - really like the blue you are using.


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