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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Ornie

I turned that "Noel" peice that I did a while back with Kreneick silks into an ornament tonight. I made the cording myself and used the "join the backstitches together" finishing technique that I used on the blackwork cat for Velda. I really like that finishing technique. I gave this ornie to my friend's mother. She is a stitcher herself so I knew she would really like it. She did not believe that this was only my second completed ornament (ready to hang up complete). She said the blackwork cat looked like it was done professionally so that is why she did not believe it was my first. I looked her straight in the eye and told her that the cat had been my first completed ornament and the one I had just given her was only my second. That finishing technique is quick, easy, and turns out great results!

Velda got her ornament the other day and really liked it. Though she did tell me I am not to spend that much money on postage ever again. To me though, it was worth the $22.00 to send it priority mail as it was already late. I felt real bad being late on my first ever exchange so I sent it priority mail to be sure that it would arrive with enough time for Velda to enjoy it before Christmas is over. I'd do it again in a heart beat too. Considering the package I sent to California cost $16.00 and it was not sent priority mail, I feel that the extra few dollars spent to send the ornament to Canada quickly was well worth it.

Speaking of the package to California, it contained the birth announcement that I stitched for my friends' daughter. It was done over a year ago, I just kept forgetting to mail it so I made a special point to get it into the mail when I sent Velda's ornament. Chris and Chris were so happy when they got it! They loved it! Here is a picture of that peice as well.

I've been doing a lot of crocheting also. I haven't taken pictures of the peices I have finished, but I will try to get those up tomorrow.


  1. You've done some beautiful work! I will treasure my cat ornie always, it's a stunning piece and SO exactly 'me' :) Thank you Missy!

  2. Thank you! It is thanks to you that I finally believe I can complete an ornie and have it look real good. That finishing technique that you posted about and used on your ornie has made it so much easier for me to finish mine. So now I can complete the bunch of designs I have that are stitched, just not "ornamentified" LOL

    You are most welcome Velda. :)


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