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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Wish List (edited Feb 26, 2010)

People have been asking me to post my wish list. I have been hesitant to do so as I don't want people thinking they have to get me something off the list or anything like that. But it was explained to me that wish lists help people get a better idea of what a person likes or does not like for exchange purposes. So I made one and here it is.


Passione Ricamo Designs:
Autumn Fairy Spirit
Christmas Spirit
Moon Fairy Spirit  recv'd 2-25-2010
My Lady Of The Snow
Once Upon A Time (A Fairy Secret Love)
The Queen of The Fairies
The Romantic Stitcher
Spring Fairy Spirit
Summer Fairy Spirit
Winter Beauty Princess
Winter Fairy Spirit

M Designs:
Any of the Trees

Dragon Dreams:
Blackwork Princess
Celestial Wings
Child Of Mine
Childhood Memories Sampler
Dani The Stitching Dragon
Dragon of the Summer Sky
Dragon Virtues
Dragon’s Tea Party
DraginletsBirth Sampler
Here Be (dragons I believe)
I'll Make My Own Happy Ending
Messy… But Mine!
Moonlight Gaurdian
Morning Dragon
My Treasure
No Late Knight Snacking
Santa’s Dragon
Sleeping Dragon Sampler
Stitcher’s Blessing
Summer’s Magic
The Time I Spend Stitching
To Trim A Tree

Just Nan:
Common Ground

Egypt Garden
Evening In The Park
Taj Mahal Mandala Garden
Weeping Willow Keep

Pappillon Creations:
Les Jardind d' Armour
Midnight Garden
New World

Waxing Moon Designs:
My Needle & My Floss
Stitching Mends The Soul

Stitchin Spiration:
Poplar Parke

Sampler Cove:
Tuscan Rose
Rhapsodey in Red Ribbon Sampler
Double Dutch
The Greatest Loss
Grace Quaker Sampler
Spanish Rouge

Romy In Austria
Grandmother's Favourite Letters
Blue Deer
Austrian Spot Sampler

Reflets De Soie
Hannah Jackson

Fabrics: 28ct, 32ct, 36ct, or 40ct (large 40ct for HAED's) white, off-white, pastel colors (Jobelan, Monaco, evenweave)

Floss: Any.


  1. great list! I have "most patterns" you're welcome to it when I am done with it (not even started yet tho lol) just remind me if you ever see it completely on my blog lol

  2. Thank you V! I will and I really appreciate it!


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