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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sadness and Computer Issues

Happy Easter!

This weekend has been rather annoying as I had to do a complete wipe of my hard drive and my dh's hard drive, then reinstall windows xp and all the programs I use such as Quicken, MS Office, messengers and more. Not much fun. This kept me from doing much stitching the last couple of days which has really annoyed me as I have some projects that are on deadlines. I have a quilt square for love quilts and the little rosebud ornaments (the same design as the sachet bag Curtis and I did just with different colors) for a friend of mine. I am behind and I don't like it. Oh well, I will just have to make sure I stitch tomorrow as much as I can.

I am saddened today as well. About a year ago I found the website Love Quilts and tried to sign up to do a square for a little boy named Christian. I couldn't do the square as his quilt was already full but I did read the history for Christian. He was so very cute, and fought so very hard against the cancer he had. I had not read his blog in a little while so I read it tonight to catch up and when I got to the entry written today I started to cry. Christian passed away at 3:30 this afternoon. I can only imagine the pain his family must be feeling. I am a little bit surprised at my response as I do not know Christian and his family in real life, but from reading his blog I feel that I know them a little bit. I said many prayers for Christian in the past year and reading the news of his passing hurts. I know the pain and sadness I feel is nothing compared to what his family and loved ones must be feeling. I do hope that Christian is now healthy and happy in heaven and that he is resting in peace.

There is another child, Dae Hon, who is not doing very well. His mother has posted on his page that he loves Panda Bears and has requested "Anything at all with a Panda on them. He is really going to need something to bring a smile to his face." So I went to patterns online and bought two panda bear patterns one from EMS and one from Ruth Morehead. I will stitch one of them and make a pillow out of it to send to him. It will be something he can cuddle, squish, and hug. I do hope that he likes it and it puts a smile on his face. I will probably do "The Panda" by Ruth Morehead as it will be a quicker stitch than the EMS Baby Panda. If the Baby Panda is anything like the Raccoon Baby that I did, it is more complicated than it appears at first glance and I want to finish this quickly so I can get it in the mail, thus I will do the easier chart.

Well that is it for now. I will write again soon!

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