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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More Stitching and Sewing

My friend Curtis has decided that he really likes cross stitching, which I think is wonderful because he needed a hobby, something to keep him busy and give him something to do. Anyway, after the success of the santa ornament I helped him stitch, he wanted to stitch something for his mother that was not a seasonal only item. He selected a rose bud and asked if I could turn it into a sachet for her and I told him that yes I could. He stitched the entire rose bud by himself! He followed the chart, started and ended the threads, counted the stitches etc. His stitches came out real neat and straight. I did the backstitching because by then his shoulder was really hurting and he wanted it done, so I did the backstitching for him. It took me 2 days to turn it into a little bag and stuff it with potpourri. We couldn't find any red lace for the top edge so I crocheted a little trim for the top edge and used a red velvet ribbon to tie the bag so it can be re-opened and new potpourri added when needed. We gave it to his mom and she really liked it! She was quite impressed with his stitches as well. She pointed out how neat his stitches were and that gave me the opportunity to tell him "See? I wan't making it did do a good job!" and he smiled one of those proud of himself type of smiles. It was really nice to see a smile like that on his face as he does not smile like that very often. Anyway, here are two pictures. One is a closeup that makes it easier to see the stitching. I'm not real impressed with the job I did on the sewing it into a bag. I could have done much better if I had planned it out before hand. But Leveda liked it so that is good.

And now the closeup:

I had to lean the bag against the phone to get a good picture of it.

As for my stitching, I have put in a few hours on TW Stroke Of Midnight and am almost done with the King Tut cow for WOCS. I will try to get some pics of them tomorrow.

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  1. I am glad your friend stitched a gift to his mom. And that rose bud is pretty sight all right.


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