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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Full Day With Baby- No Stitching yet

Tomorrow starts the January Stitchathon that runs from Monday the 14th through Sunday the 20th. It is when people on the Cross Stitch Crazy Board count the time they spend stitching and / or the number of stitches they put in. You post your totals on a daily basis. Its not a contest so much as a way of encouraging each other to stitch, cheer each other on and be supportive. It is also fun to see how much you actually did. I know for me that sometimes I feel like I did not get much done at all, but if I look at the time or stitch count I can see I did a lot more than I realized. That always makes me feel good. LOL I'm not sure how well I will do on this first stitchathon because of Bree. She's a wonderful, beautiful, sweet baby and 4 months old, so of course she takes a lot of time and attention. So far I have not been able to stitch since she got here, but I figure as we settle into a routine I will be able to stitch again. Its been 11 years since I had a baby in the house and I know I stitched when my DS was a baby once things got into a routine, so I should be able to stitch with Bree here. But, if I don't get to stitch, that's okay because taking care of Bree, watching her smile, seeing her giggle and all that is wonderful. I am really enjoying having her here!!!!!

I will try to get some pics up tomorrow of the progress on Stroke Of Midnight and the two doilies I have in the making but I can't promise. I have ordered Mirabilia's Crescent Moon because Stephanie wants to stitch it as a birth announcement for Bree. I can't wait until it gets here because then I will happily help Stephanie stitch it as a momento for the baby. It will be beautiful! I will have to help her select a really nice hand dyed fabric for it and we have to color change the blanket to pinks rather than blues but that should be easy enough.

Well that's it for tonight!

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