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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stitchathon Challenge

The Cross Stitch Crazy posting board came up with a stitchathon challenge, which I joined. To help me keep track I figured I'd post it here and edit this post for each month's stitchathon. For those who do not know, a stitchathon is when a group of stitchers keeps track of their time spent stitching or the number of stitches they did, or both. It is meant to encourage people to stitch and have a bit of fun doing it. Jacque came up with the challenge for the year and it has three points, which are:

  1. I want to challenge you to predict how many stitches and/or minutes you will stitch during the SATs. Next December (after the last SAT) I will award a stash prize to the person who is closest to their final total at the end of the year in each category. (post your predictions under this thread so I can pull them all together easily, please)
  2. I'd like to challenge you to stitch as many stitches as I'm challenging myself to stitch. So, to anyone who stitches more than 50,000 stitches or 10,800 minutes during the SATs, I will award a prize. (tbd if it is stitched or stash)
  3. I'll award a stitched prize for the top person in each category for the year (time and stitches)

I predicted that I would do between 12,000 to 14,000 minutes stitching. I based that on my total of 6,773 minutes from the 2 (or 3?) stitchathons I had participated in towards the end of 2007 when I joined the board. I am curious to see if I even come close, so I'm going to post my totals here so I can keep track for myself. I am hoping I can do at least 12,000 minutes. Since I just started stitching again after not stitching for almost a year, I thought this challenge would help motivate me to continue stitching and increase my stitching time back to the amount I used to do (which was at least a couple hours a day).

January 2008: 1,531 minutes (I think that is a good start!)

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