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Monday, April 26, 2010

YAY New Stitching Pics!

I sat down and did some stitching on Christmas Dreams on Sunday April 25, 2010. I didn't get much done because my brain kept going back to the very cute (and very small) frog designs I had found on my hard drive. Finally I gave up on Santa and switched to the frogs. But here is the newest WIP picture of Christmas Dreams by Joan Elliott.

Christmas Dreams by Joan Elliott
Stitched by: M. Hull
Silver Dusted Aida by Charlescraft
DMC Floss

I was looking through my copies of The Gift Of Stitching Magazine 2 weeks ago. In the July 2006 Issue (issue #6) I found these two small charts that just made laugh out loud. I found myself really wanting to stitch both of them and make a pillow out of them to hang near my stitching chair. They are called Frogging Around by Jessica Willis Burr from Six Strand Sweets. The first chart has a green frog on the right side and he is looking up at a small bee buzzing above him. The words to the left of the frog say "Frog, Frog Go Away",
"(Go ruin someone else's day!). 

I spent a while trying to find a light green fabric that I thought would go with this chart and not overwhelm the frog. I ordered Irish Fields 28ct Jazlyn from Enchanting Lair, but it is a bit darker than I was expecting. It is still beautiful and I decided to use it. As I said above I just couldn't get into Christmas Dreams earlier, my mind kept wanting to stitch the frog. So I finally gave in and got the fabric and floss and started it. I am using DMC threads not the Six Strand Sweets it was charted for. I am using the DMC variations 4060 for the letters, 910 for the frog and 3799 for the eye, bee, backstitch (as recommended on the chart).

Frogging Around by Jessica Willis Burr
28ct Jazlyn Irish Fields by Enchanting Lair
Stitched by: M. Hull with DMC Floss

The above picture shows the fabric color pretty well, not perfectly as it is a bit darker than this pic shows but it is close. The green on the frog is a bit darker and brighter than this pic shows also.

Frogging Around by Jessica Willis Burr
28ct Jazlyn Irish Fields by Enchanting Lair
Stitched by: M. Hull with DMC Floss

This second picture shows the color of the flosses a bit better. The second chart has the same frog and bee but the wording says "Count Thrice" on first line "Never Frog" on second line. I think the two together will make a cute hanging pillow. They aren't very big. They will be 8inches wide by 3 inches high, so it should be a perfect size for hanging from my lamp near my stitching chair.

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate them!

Have a good night!


  1. Great progress on your stitching projects! I love the linens that you're using. :)

  2. Still love the Santa! Don't you wonder how those things you find and can't wait to stitch got by you the first time around? I go back through those magazines fairly often and ALWAYS find something and wonder why it's not stitched yet!!

  3. Thank you Siobhan and Charlene.

    Charlene, I definitely do wonder how they get past me the first time around, but then it is okay because I get the joy of rediscovery when I go through my magazines and charts. :)

  4. Your Christmas Dreams is very beautiful! Would love to meet a Santa like this ;)

    Greetings, Carolien


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