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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Stash Fairy paid a visit

Yesterday I got an envelope from and a small box from Barnes and Nobles. Last Saturday the 5th I received a box from Barnes and Noble. Of course there were charts in them. Lots of dragons and other mythic and amusing subjects. Today I received another envelope from, it had the one chart that was back ordered in it. Yesterday I received a second box from Barnes and Nobles and it had the stitching cards book in it. I just love getting stitchy stuff in the mail! It makes my whole day!

Zombie Cross Stitch
Published by Metro Books
12 designs created by Kristy Kizzee & Erika Kern

The zombies arrived on Saturday. I got this to stitch the zombies for my daughter as she loves horror movies (same as me) and zombie movies are some of her favorites. She's always cracking zombie jokes, so I figured she would get a major kick out of these designs. They aren't top notch but I think their quirkiness adds to their appeal, it at least makes them more amusing LOL

Cross Stitch Greeting Cards
Published by David and Charles
70 Cards Designed by Joan Elliott

I ordered this at the same time as the zombie kit (both from Barnes and Nobles book store)  but for some reason they were delivered separately. This arrived yesterday. There are a lot of cards in there that I just love so I am going to try to stitch a few cards to send out this upcoming Christmas. The only card charts I had until I got this book were the ones that came in my UK stitching magazines.  While stitching the card for breast cancer fundraiser I realized I was really enjoying stitching such a small design as there is a lot of instant gratification. Until this point I did not think I would like stitching cards, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I do enjoy it, so I went ahead and ordered this book. The cards inside are beautiful!

These two sets of leaflets arrived yesterday as well. Stoney Creek Mythical Fantasies and Dragons and Wizards.

The picture on the right are The Cross Eyed Cricket's The Cricket Collection's My Brother's Dragon. There are 3 charts from X's and Oh's, small dragon designs. Upper right is Shake It With Pride, Lower left is Wine Dragon and lower right is Share Your Heart.

There was one more dragon chart that was on back order. I saw it on someone's blog and just fell in love with it, so I ordered it.

This was the chart that was on back-order, it arrived today. It is called Chinese Dragon by Pinn. The colors in this are stunning! I saw this design being stitched on Claudette's blog "Bap Attack".So I ordered the chart. I really like it. 

I found it very interesting that they put information about the legends of dragons in China. Supposedly the dragon stands as a symbol for the great unity of the Chinese nation. It says some Chinese considered themselves as descendants of a dragon. The dragon was the symbol of the emperor, yet people used to worship the dragon because they believed it would bring the timely winds and rains for their crops. The dragon was seen as a symbol of harmony. Not a great deal of information, but certainly the little bit there was  I found to be quite interesting. I like it when chart books come with little bits of information like this one did. The pattern book Ancient Egyptian Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet had a lot of information about ancient Egypt to go along with the beautiful patterns that were in there. 

Well my back is killing me now and I am exhausted so I am going to bed. night!


  1. Have fun with your new stash! Those Zombies are so fun - remind me of Night of the Living Dead! I agree that getting stitchy things in the mail is so fun!

  2. Great stash. Who would have thought there would be enough demand for zombie cross stitch to get a book published! How cool is that?

  3. Enjoy all that lovely new stash!
    Look forward to seeing those Zombies.

  4. Ohh! Some fabulous things, what are you going to start??

  5. Thank you Blu, Nancy, Lesleyanne, Christine, Elaine, and Ranae!

    Ranae, I am not sure what I am going to start as I have a few WIPs already. I think when the card is done I will finish Frogging Around.

    Christine, I think the zombie cross stitch is cool. There are some pictures of zombie cross stitch that someone put up on Flickr (I think it is), very cool pictures of zombies and a wonderful zombieish alphabet! I would love to get those charts but they aren't for sale. My daughter loved the pics and these were the best charts I could find. She will get a kick out of them I am sure, specially the Michael Jackson Zombie chart (from his video Thriller).

    Thank you all for your comments, they make my day better!

  6. OMG OMG OMG I can't wait til those get done!! They are SO cute! <3 I'll definitely get them framed and either hang them up on the wall or put them on my desk. AWESOME <3


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