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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stitching On A Wednesday

I have been stitching. On the Cross Stitch Forum I volunteered to make at least 1 stitched greeting card. One of the members has joined Relay For Life and would also like some stitched greeting cards to sell to raise additional funds for cancer research. Since I will have to send the card overseas (to the UK) I have to finish the 1 I said I would make (and hopefully a second one to go with it) by June 21st at the latest, to ensure she will receive it by the date needed. So I put Frogging Around on hold, went through all my UK stitching magazines because they contain the only greeting card charts that I have, and found a chart I liked. It is one of 4 from a series called Delft Cards". They were published in Cross Stitch Collection, March 2010 issue. I love this magazine as it always has at least 3 charts (or more!) that I want to stitch in every issue! I am hoping to get 2 of these cards done on time. Here is a picture of the one I've started already. I would say it is just a tiny bit away from half-way done already, and I've only stitched for 4 hours on it, so it shouldn't take much longer.

Delft Cards
14ct Aida using DMC Floss

My sister-in-law also wished to stitch a card. So she picked a chart from Jean Greenoff's "New Cross Stitcher's Bible" and started stitching. This is only her third stitching piece and I have to say she is doing a fantastic job! Her stitches are nice and even, well shaped, and great tension. Here is a picture of the front of her card so far. This is only about a few hours stitching time so far, she stitches quickly too!


Tudor Rose
by: Jane Greenoff
DMC on 14ct Aida
Stitched by: Stephanie C.

I am very impressed with how neat her back is already! The rose has 3 colors in it and the leaves have 2, but even with those color changes in such a small area, her stitching is still nice and neat! There are no knots, tangles, or hanging threads. Everything is nice and neatly tied off underneath stitches already placed. The back of my 3rd ever piece of cross stitch was never this neat! Stephanie is a great stitcher already! I am so very proud of her and how quickly she learned.

Tudor Rose stitched by Stephanie; back side.

Here is the promised update picture on Frogging Around. I love the way the variegated corals look on the words. As I said earlier, I set it aside to do the card so I haven't gotten anything else done since my last entry, but I did promise a picture. This picture is also the first one that shows the fabric color so well.

Frogging Around by Jessica Willis Burr
28ct Jazlyn Irish Fields by Enchanting Lair
Stitched by: M. Hull with DMC Floss

Again, thank you all for your help on finding a thread that would work for the words. I love the look of this thread even though the flash washed it out a bit in this picture. The words show up real well and the variations of the corals and pinks add a delicate flowery touch to the piece that I really like.

When rearranging my stash I found out that I have 2 of the same Dimensions Gold kit so I decided that it may be time to make a list of what I have so I won't duplicate them and thus waste money. So I made a list of all my charts, kits, and leaflets (not counting hard cover books, digital freebies, or magazines) so that I won't accidentally buy a chart I already have. It was a lot of fun to pull out all my charts. I rediscovered a bunch that I really want to stitch, and some I didn't realize I had because they were given to me as a gift from my mother-in-law a few years ago. I have 249 charts, leaflets, and/or kits. I haven't included my freebies because I haven't printed them all out. According to my computer there are 599 files in my cross stitch folder (not counting my folder for finishes). This, however, counts each folder name as a file and I give every designer their own folder so I always know who designed the freebie. There are 162 folders. I am quite surprised at how many freebies I have! Many of them are small charts. There are also 2 folders for digital magazines (The Gift Of Stitching and Blackwork Digital Magazine). Maybe it is silly of me to create an inventory of my patterns, I don't know. I am not meaning to brag or anything, I'm only babbling about it because of how surprised I was to find out how many I actually have. I wasn't expecting it to be that much! Now I will feel guilty every time I purchase a new chart because of how many I have already and I know I can't possibly stitch them all in my lifetime. But oh man they are so much fun to look through. While doing this I found a few charts and kits that I know I will not stitch. They are all in excellent condition, the kits have not even been opened. I will post a new page on this site listing those items for sale or trade. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. Maybe one of the items I list will be something you would like to have. 

Well that's it for me on the stitching front. Thank you all for coming by and leaving comments, I really do appreciate every single one. They always make me smile :)


  1. Hi Raven :)

    I said I'd do a couple of cards too, so I'll be popping some out in the next couple of week hopefully! I think it's great that you're always wanting to joing in and stuff, though it must be a pain when it's overseas - especially with the postal service being what it is at the moment! You've made a great start on the card, and your sister-in-law is very neat and quick!!!!

    I have to say I'm loving the variegated pink for the lettering on frogging around! I know that photos often don't do justice, but I can really see the effect it has.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with an inventory of what stash you have, including charts. When I sorted through my stash the other week due to that thread on the forum, I did the same. I just haven't gone through all my magazines yet, cause I know I'll need plastic wallets and hardback folders to catalogue everything from designers to what issue magazine the chart was in, from will stitch to won't stitch! I don't think it's bragging and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. All the designs I've had from EMS and such places are all catalogued on my computer. I even have a word document of my wishlist with images of the designs, the designer, cost and all the places I can get it from!

    I know one thing for sure - when you put your list up, I'll most definitely be taking a gander :)

    Take care hon

  2. OMG - Love your dragons on your home page. That is just too cool!
    Your stitched card will be lovely and what a wonderful contribution.
    Yep, I see a new stitcher in our midst. Please give her my congrats and tell her Welcome to the cult LOL
    I am trying to inventory my charts etc and the list is so huge it's almost obsessive! I've now decided to be a pattern collector and not just a stitcher. Hey,it works for me LOL

  3. Both of you are doing a beautiful job on your cards. Anything that says Delft catches my attention. I love blue and white!

    Your frog is looking very happy with your choice of floss for the wording!

  4. Gorgeous stitching by you both. Your SIL's back is probably neater than mine and I have been stitching a while. Can't wait to see your trade/sale list.

  5. I'm glad you came to a decision on your frog lettering--it's looking very nice! And how wonderful that you are stitching a card for cancer research. I have an ornament due for a breast cancer auction in November--need to get going on that soon!

  6. Your cards are looking great and that frog is just too cute! Well done getting all your charts/kits listed - I need to do that, too. One of these days....

  7. The lettering on the frog looks great, nice start on the cards too

  8. That's a lot of patterns, lol. I have a lot too... and I enjoy looking at them almost as much as stitching them.

    Great start on your card!

  9. Great stitching! And don't ever feel guilty about your stash - it doesn't matter if you stitch them. Sometimes, I just like to haul out my stuff and peek around in it! It makes me happy, lol. The pink lettering next to the frog is so adorable! Thx for your comment on my blog-very sweet and I appreciate it so much!

  10. Es, I don't join in as many things as I would like to because I can never be sure how long my stitching mojo will last and I'd hate to disapoint someone. I figured a card would be quick and I definitely support cancer research! Well one of these days I'll publish my list of charts up here. I love looking at other people's stash, its very inspiring. (not to mention enabling LOL)

    Katy A. Thank you. I love the dragons too :) I also am a pattern collector and I love looking through my stash almost as much as stitching things!

    Kathy A, Nancy, LesleyAnn, I passed your comments on to Stephanie, she says thank you very much! Thank you for the feedback on my stitching, I appreciate it. :)

  11. Carol, Terri, Christine, Meari and Tammy, Thank you. I love the floss color for the frog’s words too. I appreciate the feedback on the frog and the card. Cancer runs in my family (specifically breast cancer) so it is one of the charities I try to support regularly.

    Terri: Good luck making an inventory list of your charts. 

    Meari and Tammy: I love looking through my charts and magazines, it is always a lot of fun. I will try not to feel guilty about the number of charts I have because they do give me as much pleasure in owning them as they do in actually stitching them.

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they really make my day!

  12. You surely know how to make a thread form beautiful images. If you saw how messy the backs of my projects are, you'd pass out.


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