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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Stitching Update

This is my progress on Blackwork Winter by Tam's Creations as of April 29, 2009. I am so happy to be so close to finishing it! I will be stitching some more tonight, so hopefully I will be even closer to finishing it tomorow!

This is a close up of the pulled satin stitches and rhodes stitches at the top of the column in the Wedding Sampler from Teresa Wentzler. I am so proud of those stitches, they came out wonderfully. The anchor rayon works just fine next to the DMC rayon, and it has such a beautiful sheen to it! I am quite pleased with this design so far.

This is a closeup of the confetti stitching on the left hand side border and the upper left block. The picture doesn't show the color differences too well, but there are 4 different sets of greens (all but 1 are blended stitches) in the leaves so far, and the same in the flower above it. Confetti stitching is not my favorite as constantly changing threads in the needle can be annoying, and it is impossible to make the back look very neat either. But the end result is gorgeous, so it will be worth all this effort.

This is what the Wedding Sampler from Teresa Wentzler looks like as of April 29, 2009. I have not stitched on it in 2 days because my DH has the book to copy the chart for me so that I can mark my place without destroying the book. This becomes necessary with confetti stitching or I will lose my place and make mistakes.

I have already chosen the project that will replace Blackwork Winter when it is completed. It will be Crescent Moon from Mirabilia. My DSIL wanted it as a birth sampler for her DD Bridgette. I have all the threads, beads, embellishments, and a beautiful hand dyed fabric for it. It is not a very large design so it shouldn't take too long. When it is done I will pull out Sentiment Sampler which I started quite a while ago as a wedding sampler for DH and I. I really want to finish that as well and get it up on the wall in a nice frame.

Last night while we were watching Stephen King's Storm Of The Century, Bridgette got up on the couch next to my DD Sam. She pulled up her blanket and lay down, cuddling with Sam. It was so cute I just had to get a picture! They are both so beautiful and I love them so very much!
Since I have stopped playing WOW as much I am getting back into my stitching. I am enjoying it so much. I find it hard to believe that I went without stitching much at all for the last few months. I had to give up WOW because the Wedding Sampler needs to be done by June/July, so I decided to not play wow until the sampler is done. What has amazed me is I have not missed WoW at all, instead I have found great pleasure and joy in stitching again! I will be doing my best to balance it better when I do return to WoW as I want to continue stitching. I have so many beautiful patterns I want to stitch, so many ideas for what to do with those patterns (cushions, linens, curtains, framed pictures, wall quilts, quilts and more) and I can't get them done if I stop stitching again. So I have decided I will balance my hobbies better.
A friend of mine from Facebook has asked me if I would do a cross stitch for her and her daughter. It is one I will have to make the chart for myself as I can't get what she wants already made by someone else. She wants two crossed swords (as sword is part of her name) and put her name and her DD's name on the blades. Since it just going to be the two crossed swords I want them to be fairly ornate so there is some bling to the piece. This will stretch my charting ability that is for sure! I'm hoping I can do a good job. This will have to wait a while as I have a couple of obligation pieces that need to be done first (anniversary sampler and birth sampler) but my friend understands that and does not have a problem with it.
If anyone has pictures of swords, or charts of swords (within copyright laws please) or knows where I can get one, please let me know! Thank you so much!


  1. You do beautiful work, and that photo is magic, just tugs at your heart strings, thanks for sharing.

  2. Doing well on the blackwork sampler & really like all the intricacies of the TW design!

  3. Nutmegg, thank you very much. I appreciate it. I agree that the photo of my niece and my DD together just tugs at the heart strings and is wonderful to look at!

    Robyn, thank you! I am enjoying every stitch on the blackwork sampler as well as the TW sampler.

    Thank you both for your comments, I greatly appreciate them.


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